Cinnamon Feret is a type of feret that usually can be seen domesticated in houses as it is regarded as very soft and cute and can be easily kept in a house and can play with. The ferret is a small domestic animal belonging to the family of Mustelidae. In North America, it is one of the popular pets that can be seen almost in every household. Only in the United States alone, we can find nearly five million ferrets in the households of those who are in deep love with these animals.

The Cinnamon Feret generally gets its name from the brown and red color of its fur which makes it look extremely beautiful and attractive so many people are fond of this animal and decide to keep it as a pet in their home. As this ferret is quite popular as a pet but still it cannot be easily found in pet shops because of its habitat which is basically found in large numbers only in America and not popularly in other countries.

These ferrets are regarded to be one of the cutest animals that anyone would love to have in their home as their companion. They are extremely adorable, furry, and lovely pets that one would love to cuddle with. Their appearance is very similar to rats so they do not have separate breeds but they can be easily differentiated by their size and varied colors. One can call a male ferret ‘Hob’ and a female ferret ‘Jill’. Cinnamon ferrets also differ in their coat length.

Cinnamon Feret
Cinnamon feret sitting on a mat

Types of Ferrets Colors

Cinnamon ferrets can be seen in different colors and patterns. Because of its varied colors, it has gained so much popularity in recent years among people throughout the world that many people started domesticating them in their houses.

  • Albino

Albino ferrets are so-called because of a lack of pigmentation in their body and it resembles the same albinism in humankind. These ferrets mostly have guard hairs and undercoats in white or cream color which makes them different from their other counterparts. They also have red eyes, pink noses,s and skin which is very adorable to see. But the saddest part is that they were born as deaf, unlike the other color types.

Albino Ferret
Albino ferret on a snow-coated tree
  • Black

Black ferrets are generally black on over which also includes their guard hairs. Their undercoat may be seen as slightly brown to white in color but most parts of their body are covered with black color. These ferrets are never seen fully black in their fur color but those referred to as black ferrets normally have black guard hairs and white undercoats.

Black Ferret
Black ferret in a forest
  • Black Sable

These ferrets have the capacity to trick you with their body color as at the first glance it seems to be black to the human eye but actually they have deep dark brown guard hairs and their undercoat is usually white or golden brown. This speciality of their color is a unique feature that keeps people attracted to them over a long period of time.

Black sable
Black sable ferret with decorative lights
  • Champagne

These ferrets are very beautiful in their appearance and color as they have a soft brown shade with a white or golden undercoat. They are often referred to as ‘dilute chocolate’ rather than Champagne and they have burgundy or brown eyes which have colorful rings around them. These colorful rings make them look more attractive and charming. Their nose can range from pink, and beige to light brown color with a ‘T’ shape.

Champagne ferret
Ferret on a soft cushion
  • Chocolate

These ferrets can be seen in medium brown color which resembles that of chocolate. Their undercoat is generally white, cream, or golden brown in color, their guard hairs are chocolate brown and their nose can be of different colors like pink, brown, or brick with a light brown ‘T’ shape that makes them look cuter and mesmerizing.

Chocolate ferret
Ferret ties with a string
  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon ferrets have a color similar to the color of spice which is red and brown in color. Their guard hairs are also red-brown in color and they have a ‘mask’ on their face which helps them to match their surroundings. Cinnamon ferrets are very rare than the other color types and so they are very hard to find in any pet stores nearby. If anyone wants to tame it in their home then they have to order it from outside or from another country.

Cinnamon ferret
Cinnamon ferret sitting on a mat
  • Dark-eyed white

Dark-eyed white ferrets are also known as DEW ferrets and can be mistaken for albinos at the first sight because of their white body color. However, they are not like the albinos and they have proper pigmentation in their bodies. Their eyes are normally dark Burgandy in color rather than red albino and their nose is pink. Also, some of the DEW ferrets will have dark brown hair on their check and shoulder area. As they seem like albinos so they may also have a higher risk of deafness like them.

Dark white-eyed ferret
Ferret sitting near an earphone
  • Sable

Sable ferrets are one of the most popular ferrets among all the other color types. Their body is dark brown in color and has an undercoat that ranges from soft cream to golden shade. Their guard hairs are dark brown in color and their eyes have both black and brown color. These types of ferrets are most often can be seen in houses that have been tamed like their own house member and stay like a family.

Sable ferret
Ferret sleeping on bed

Cinnamon ferret appearance and nature

Cinnamon ferrets are quite rare to find because they are in high demand but the supply is comparatively less compared to other color types. Their body color, undercoat, eyes, and nose are very different from their other counterparts. They have a long and slender body shape with a red hue undercoat. These ferrets have a mask on their face which can also change color at times and during the winter season, the color can become so light that it is difficult to see. 

These ferrets generally weigh two to five pounds are resemble that of a rat but are bigger in size compared to them. Cinnamon ferrets normally measure 12 to 16 inches in length which is much easier to keep at home as they will occupy only a little space. They are very comfortable to get along with and one can play and spend time with a cinnamon ferret for a long time without getting bored. 

Cinnamon ferrets are territorial animals and they like to dig holes too and stay inside the hole away from other surrounding animals.  As they look similar to rats so they belong to the same breed. They are often considered playful and social because of their active and energetic nature.

Cinnamon ferret Habitat

The habitat of Cinnamon ferrets is most commonly found in the United States of America, mostly in the northern parts. They are very popular among the people of the United States because they are mostly recognized as pets as most people love to domesticate Cinnamon ferrets rather than cats and dogs. The reason behind their domestication is that they are very friendly to humans and love to spend them with them and play along. 

Whereas, wild ferrets can be seen staying only in wild forests, habitats, and grasslands away from the human population. Their population can be generally seen from Canada to the United States.

Cinnamon ferret Health and diet

Cinnamon ferrets can suffer from multiple health problems and among them the most common are cancers affecting the adrenal glands, pancreas, and lymphatic system. They should be given a proper diet with nutritious food so that they can stay healthy and also disease-free. As we all know that they are very friendly but at times they can become aggressive if teased by any family dog or cat so they should be kept at a distance from other animals apart from another cinnamon ferret. These ferrets generally stay active during the evening and early morning which means that are diurnal animals. 

Cinnamon ferrets are mostly pets domesticated in houses so they are most seen feeding food containing animal protein and fats. Food rich in fats and protein will keep them healthy as well as super energetic. Some pet owners also feed them eggs and meat which are very much essential for the nutritional needs of the pets. And these food are easily available in any pet store and also can be brought from online markets. So, proper diet plays an important role in their overall health which will keep them away from diseases.

Cinnamon ferret
A person tickling a ferret

Cinnamon ferret reproductive cycle

The male and female Cinnamon ferrets can be seen mating during the months from March to August. After mating when the young ones are born the male ferret leaves the young along with the female for care. The female ferret can give birth to 3 to 7 babies together and the gestation period is about 42 days. The most fascinating fact about baby ferrets is that they were born without any furs on their bodies and also are blind and deaf during birth. They need proper care and affection for about three to four weeks which will lead to their healthy growth. Cinnamon ferrets on the other hand have a life span of 7 to 20 years.

Cinnamon ferret population

Cinnamon ferrets as we all know are very rare to find and because of this reason, they were sold at a very expensive price. They cannot be easily found in a pet store and has to a lot of searching before buying them because of their high demand among people. One can contact a ferret breeder either for buying a cinnamon ferret rather than going and searching in a pet store.

Therefore, we can say that Cinnamon ferrets are quite popular among the population but they are extremely rare to find. One will definitely love to have a cinnamon ferret at home because of its varied colors and beauty.

By:- Shramana Sarma Roy

Date:- 15/04/2023

Tags: pets

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