We humans are unafraid of only one carnivorous animal which is a Cat. It has become a part of the household as well as the neighbourhood. People are quite naturally adapted to cats wandering around.

Since long periods of time, people have been in the practice of keeping cats as their pets. Cats were believed to be fore bringers of good luck to those who housed them, in ancient Egypt. Many Egyptian deities were depicted and sculptured with cat-like heads.

Though the majority population finds Dogs still as their favourite pet, the feline doesn’t lag behind in its popularity. I know that cats are a bit fussy, picky and sometimes confusing pets but the cute fur ball is worthy of all the tantrums it throws around.

Cats as pets are a delight to be experienced. The large eyes, soft meows, emboldening walk and the cute attitude is a treat to the eyes. But, let me tell you that the tantrums are not for the weaker hearts. 

Handling cats as homies

Living beings have a capability of co-existing. We must acknowledge the facts of co-existence with one another irrespective of being articulate or not. Some of the ways towards better handling of the ‘Kitty’ as our best companion are as follows:

  • Providing a comfortable space

Most cats are shy and reserved when they find themselves in a new place. Make sure that it feels the comfort, security and coziness of you as well as your house. 

If it is an adopted cat, then the feeling of belongingness is a late arrival. But, don’t worry it is a small carnivore after all, it will be comfortable once it knows that the Kitty itself is the Boss.

Once the cat enters its comfort zone in and around the house, it rapidly gets accustomed to every situation. Cats cannot be controlled to wander around if your house is on the ground floor or you own a garden. But, nothing to worry about, the feline returns once it’s done for the day.

Now once it accepts the house as its own, you might find it taking a nap on the refrigerator or just rolling on the floor. 

They are great pranksters and capricious beasts. You might want to caress it or play with it but if your kitty is not in the mood, not even the Egyptian Gods can force it too. They might pee in your potted plant and enjoy seeing you wonder when I watered the plant. 

Cats have a temperament to act all cute or just behave as they are, no feeling of guilt.
  • Quality or Quantity time spending 

Now that might be a question being considered by new kitten owners. Basically cats are tough to please (sorry, blaming their species)as pets. It has to be handled with patience and care.

They are not like other pets, here you have to cater to its likes and dislikes. If it doesn’t want to hug or cuddle, you should respect that. If it doesn’t want her hair to be stroked, that’s the cat’s choice.

Cats are fond of laser lights, stuffed toys, feathered balls attached to strings and squeaky items. 


This is the best way to create bonding with your kitty. It not only strengthens its muscles but also helps to maintain the health and weight of the cat.

Cats are natural predators with sharp instincts which can be exercised by using remote-controlled mice toys. Toys covered in catnips can be used for exercising its motor skills. 

This is a great way to bond with the pet in its intrinsic field of interest.

  • Right food

Food for this lazy pet is not that a tricky part if you just remember it as a beastie. Its food should be a protein-rich diet as it’s a predacious creature.

The type of food to be given to a kitten is quite different from what is given to an adult cat. Some cats might be punctilious about their thirst drives but that’s nothing to worry about.

  • Scratch it as much as you want

Cat Fact- Cats love to scratch anything, it might be your face the next time!!!!!… But it’s quite okay because your kitty loves you and that’s her style.

Various things like spare cardboards, wool scratching posts, old yarn balls and squeeze balls can be arranged for your cat to satisfy its scratching temptations.

  • Instinct control of cats

For new cat owners, it might be overwhelming to see their cat grooming itself for hours, find it lurking over the top of cupboards, chasing after small toys and marking its territory. That is absolutely normal for an animal which was once an inhabitant of the wild before humans began to keep cats as pets.

The antics of your cat, which might seem weird to you, are the activities in which it finds happiness and those are its hard-wired survival techniques. Being a carnivore, it is an active animal which has a sharp instinctive psyche. You might find your kitten pouncing upon wriggling things like insects, toys or even your toe. 

Some cat parents put these instincts to good use for themselves. It helps them to eliminate insects and rodents in and around the house. But, this activity may become concerning if it involves risking other pet’s life or well-being. Just let the cat play with its toys to subdue its urge naturally.

The black Cat is loving to play with yarn and fur toys.
Cats are attracted towards furry, rolling items.
All’s well that ends differently


Having a cat as your pet will be a different experience in totality when compared to dog keepers. You learn to make a mute creature happy and adjust according to it, which is quite rare to witness with other pets.

Cats are temperamental beings who love lazing around in solitude, watching out for the chirping birds, chasing the butterflies and basking in the sun with the glinting coat of fur. If you are a lazy person yourself and find bliss in the quietness of the afternoons, you are a cat person.

Someday, just sit along and watch your kitty sitting in the sun with its tail all wagging around…!!!!!!….the true feeling of Enjoyment lies there……. 

By Sambhavi Yadav

Content Writer (Erakina By RTMN)


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