A shepherdess with her flock in snowy mountains of DrassDrass Mountains 


India encompasses a large range of temperatures and temperatures. the house of the vast Thar desert, also home to a number of best mountains within the globe. Similarly, although there’s an area in India that’s so hot that it cannot even support life, there’s also the second coldest city in the world.

This place is Drass, a city that deserves thunderstorms beyond its heat. the simplest thanks to being told the reality about this myth is to go to it.

Drass – A phenomenon

  • The gateway to the Ladakh desert region and so the coldest part of India, Drass is additionally a landmark.
  • The Drass valley begins at the upperside of Zojila Pass, crossing the road to Ladakh.
  • The village falls into the Kargil district and has the placement and cemetery of the Kargil War Memorial.
  • Resting at an altitude of 10,990 ft, Drass reached the attention of mainstream media and travelers after the Kargil War.
  • The city is experiencing a high summer-dry climate influenced by high altitude, which makes its winters cold.
  • The average winter temperature here drops to 22 degrees Fahrenheit [22 ° C], while the minimum recorded temperature can drop to minus 45 degrees Fahrenheit [45 ° C] during the winter.
  • Winter in Drass begins in mid-October and ends in May. Summer begins in June and perhaps a gorgeous 15 degrees Celsius.
  • There are some places where temperatures drop below the port city, but Drass, thanks to its location, is that the coldest a part of India, inhabited by people all year round.

Drass & Its People

Drass was a part of the Balti Empire that spread throughout Skardu (now Pakistan) until the tip of Ladakh.

So the people of Drass, just like the natives of Gilgit, are members of the Dard community. Dard is an Indo-Aryan community that migrated to Ladakh from Central Asia centuries ago. The vernacular Drass may be a Dardic Chinese language, and also the village is predominantly Muslim with several Buddhist villages.

About 1,200 people board Drass throughout the year while living under extreme conditions and dealing hard to preserve the culture, which they will eventually lose. for hundreds of years, the people of Drass have negotiated trade and transportation over the Zojila Pass, and as indigenous peoples, they’re the sole ones able to survive the foremost dangerous winters. Monitoring the Zojila Pass from the pan-Asian trade gained the people of Drass the position of ‘Ladakh Guards.

Campers on the way to Leh-Ladakh at Drass

Drass with inhabitants  in Summer Daylight

Treasures Of Drass

  • The coldest place in India could be an excellent place to urge acquainted and take a brief walk before heading to Ladakh. There are some 3-day trips here that you just can try.
  • Dongchik (10km from Drass) is taken into account as an example of Indian democracy. It implements innovation in agriculture, education, and social cohesion.
  • Ningoor Masjid (7km from Drass) may be a must-visit. the wonder of the blue Turkish when combined with the dark mountains, creates a tremendous spectacle to be commended.
  • Bhimbet Stone (7km from Drass) could be a sacred stone with Hindu myths.
  • The locals believe that a lot of years ago, a rock flew across the mountain to where it’s now. And it must represent Beem, who was traveling along with his brothers within the valley.
  • The Kargil War Memorial (7km from Drass) could be a place that will carry a passing moment of patriotism even for the foremost brutal and demanding person.
  • The tombstones of all soldiers (not just Indians) are a moving vision and a deep reminder of the high cost of freedom.
  • Matayen (20km from Drass) may be a small, picturesque village, the sole Kashmiri-speaking village within the entire province of Ladakh.


Motorable road through Drass mountains and valleys

Road Through Drass

Pugga Valley – Global Tourism of  Drass 

  • This lake basin near the Drass valley, just across from Polokonka, is known for its hot springs and remnants of Borax and Sulfur.
  • Every year many tourists and travelers bathe within the Puga waters predicament because the spring has taken under consideration here
  • Patients full of disease and various skin ailments bathed within the ark’s water to cure their ailments.
  • There are plenty of travelers who visit this place for this purpose and end up with good results.
  • Drass has garnered much attention round the world. this could be due to widespread distribution that transpire to position there during the LOC crisis between India and Pakistan.
  • This has put Drass in Indian history. The sweetness of the landscape here is indescribably amazing.
  • The experience of being a Drass is over just an everyday tourist after you concentrate on the value of the place.
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