A Lil fish are cold-blooded vertebrates with around 35,000 known species.

Some of them live in freshwater and the others live in marshy areas as well. The study of fishes is called ichthyology. We knew fishes could be as big as boats. We saw them in movies and wondered if we could ever see one in real life. But have you ever wondered there could also be tiny ones, as small as your nail? There are many such fishes and one of the smallest fish is Paedocypris Progenetica. It is one of the smallest vertebrates known and a fully grown female is less than an inch. They belong to the carp family.

 Image of Paedocypris Progenetica
It is one of the smallest fishes known to us.

It generally lives in acidic water, marshy lands and benthopelagic i.e live in deep waters. It is distributed around the seas of Indonesia in south-east Asia. The maximum length it could grow is up to a centimetre. The other two known smallest fish are Schindleria brevipinguis and Photocorynus Spiniceps. Paedocypris Progenetica has a very rudimentary skull and isn’t covered. They have a special adaptation for reproduction as they are tiny. Though these fish live in freshwater, they were discovered in swamps around Indonesia.

Paedocypris Progenetica is declared near threatened by the IUCN ( International Union for Conservation of Nature) and there isn’t any evaluation by the CITES.


Emerging threats

Researchers say that this fish is threatened by human activity, especially by pollutants from palm oil plantations. Even the forest area of south-east Asian countries are being cleared to develop palm-oil plantations. India is one of the major consumers of palm oil production. The Indian government is taking steps to reduce dependence on foreign countries for palm oil.


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