Pygmy Rabbit

  • The globe’s smallest “Pygmy Rabbit belongs to the Columbia Basin. It is the only vernacular race of North America to cultivate its own burrow. It’s scientific name is BRACHYLAGUS IDAHOENSIS.
  • The female Pygmy rabbit is somewhat bigger than the male Pygmy rabbit. The Pygmy rabbit is unlike from other leproids by its dinky size, tiny ears,grey colour and little hinder legs.

Pygmy’s Surrounding.

  • Pygmy rabbits are found in areas on deep down soils with towering,murky sagebrush which Pygmy use for their protection and nourishment.
  • The travel and escape routes of Pygmy rabbits are the vast well-used platform entwin the savant thickets.

 Pygmy Rabbit

Pygmy’s Nourishment.

  • The main food of Pygmy rabbit is huge sagebrush, which encompasses up to 99% of nourishment taken in frosty weather.
  • Forbs and grasses are consumed too from central to late summertime.


Engrossing size and Complexion. 

  • Pygmy,the smallest leproid weighs between 375 and 500 grams only. It has a body length ranging between 23.5 and 29.5 centimetres slightly bigger than your regular geometry’s centimeter scale.
  • Native species of Pygmy Rabbits were of blue colour. But the  their crossbreeds were introduced that made some of the species pink in colour.

Astonishing Background.

  • The last male adolescent Columbia Basin Pygmy rabbit passed on in 2006,at Oregon Zoo in Portland. The last adolescent female died in 2008.
  • Officials with US Fish and Wildlife services were afraid that this Pygmy rabbit would vanish.
  • Then a crossbreeding program organised by the Oregon Zoo,where 14 of them crossbred and preserved the genetic line.

Oregon Zoo

Cause of downswing.

  • The Pygmy rabbit’s interdependence on sagebrush for food and shield led to the major loss and dissolution of local shrub that played a crucial role in the long-term decline of Pygmy rabbit.
  • Dropping of inherited heterogeneity and inbreeding were the other causes of downswing of Pygmy rabbits.

Bloodsucker of Pygmy Rabbits.

  • Pygmys are herbivores but they are endangered by few predators.
  • Weasels(MUSTELA AND NEOGALE SPP.) are foremost predators of Pygmy rabbits. Coyotes, red foxes, bobcats etc. are other buzzards.


Pygmy’s Guise.

  • Pygmy rabbits have grey fur that is surmounted with brown colour on their upper back.
  • The dinky’s abdomen is stained with buff and is white in colour. The chest, legs and back of the neck are of cinnamon-brown colour.

Pygmy Rabbit

Pygmy’s Burrows- The site of protection and reproduction.

  • Pygmies are the only patter race of North America to prepare its own burrow. These burrows are of great significance.
  • These burrows are utilised for protection and synchronisation of body temperature (thermostat). Such excavation are also used for the security from buzzards.
  • From February to July, these burrows are reserved for a particular purpose.
  • Female pygmies are retain from the familial burrows where they give birth to young-ones. Female Pygmies give birth to two to four offsprings per year and are capable of producing two to six kits per year.


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