Technology day has been celebrated on May 11th every year since 1998. This day is remembered as the anniversary of the shakti-nuclear test conducted in Pokhram. This day is very important for every Indian.


On 11th May 1998, 5 nuclear tests were conducted and the whole operation was called Pokhram. The operation was conducted under our Indian prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and president APJ. Abdul Kalam. During the year, India was declared a nuclear state.


We all know that without technology, nothing is possible. We say that with the help of phones our whole world can be in our hands.

Technology Day

Date of Technology Day

 About Technologies


Phone was invented in the year 1854. The first mobile phone was invented by Martin Cooper, Eric and Wrac Young. Phone and mobile are one of the most beautiful inventions of the world. During the 1970s and 1980s was the era of mobile phones. Mail was a method of exchanging messages. In the starting years, it was just used for exchanging messages but after some years, it was used for a professional conversation. In today’s generation, social media is also added into it like facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, tinder, etc.


In India, trains were introduced by the British. It becomes very convenient to travel from one place to another place. First railway was in Middleton. Railway trains are the main means for transportation. Train was used to transport goods before it was converted as a passenger train.


Television is also one of the biggest inventions. It was invented in the year 1930s. First telecast in Delhi was on 15th September 1959. Slowly, it began in Amritsar in 1965. Television was privatized during 1990. In 1997, Doordharshan started to telecast in all regional languages. It is chosen by the mass media. The information can reach very fast to small villages too.


This is one of the best types of technology. It is the internet speed in which the mobile runs. It is the connecting speed with each other.


Fridge is also counted as the best invention of technology. This is a technology which can keep our food cool and in preservative form.


Our technology is not limited to earth. With the help of technology, we can reach the moon and mars, develop their foundation there.


Radio is said to be outdated technology but now, people love to listen to radio while driving and to pass the time.


This technology is very useful, all the other technologies can be put into this and it can be used for everything possible. It is mainly used for professional purposes. TechnologyEvolution of Telephone

Advantages of Technology

Improves productivity

Technology improves the productivity of a person. Our lives have become so easy using the technology that we can also take help from robots in our daily needs.

Saves time

Technology saves time as with the help of researchers one can do the projects very easily to save time.

Allows online education

With the help of technology, one can complete their education online which was very helpful to everyone during the pandemic.

Helps in good communication

Technology helps to give a person better communication which is essential in every sector of the field. It is possible only through mobile phone and telephone.

Online Shopping

One can easily do online shopping, that means, one can buy things sitting at home without going anywhere. It is possible because of technology.





In this, we have discussed why May 11th is marked as a national technology day. There are so many technologies which need to be appreciated like mobile phones, trains, televisions, 4G/5G, refrigerators, space technology, radios, laptops and many more innovative inventions which are most needed. The advantages of technology are: it improves productivity, saves time, allows online education, helps in good communication, online shopping, etc. Many technologies are being invented every day. In this present generation, nothing is possible without technology. Best thing about technology is, it can be wasteful and can be useful for you but one needs to select wisely.



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