• With five major goals announced at the Glasgow meet, it seems India is all set to combat climate change. But is it sufficient for a sustainable future?

The challenge: highlights of the Indian state of forest report:

  •  The Indian state of forest report highlights that India has lost its natural forests by 153sq.km and there is a notable increase in scrub area. A big challenge lies ahead of us!We are all well equipped with sustainable development goals and other targets that lie ahead but are we even concerned about the decline in forest cover? Combating climate change isn’t confined to the goals announced at the international level.

responsibility for a sustainable future

                                                                                                           Passing on the globe with responsibility

  • It’s high time we must come together to join the initiative and pledge that panchamrit ensures a greener world apart from merely expanding the GDP size and fulfilling its targets. And promise day is the perfect time to take a pledge for the same.

 The day of togetherness: mother nature forgotten in the long run:

  •  February 11 is the day when we promised togetherness with our partner. It is symbolic of love. But is togetherness confined to a love partner?  No, we witness togetherness with our near and dear ones also. And when it comes to talking about the near and dear ones, we can’t neglect the role of nature!Mother nature has been close to us since the beginning of time. Before all this industrial revolution happened, we were an agrarian economy.

deforestation promise day

                                                                                                            piles of woods collected by cutting trees

  • We have reaped the blessings of mother nature for a long time. When we started with the industrial revolution, we utilised nature to the fullest. And with the advancing time, the utilisation turned to exploitation and we didn’t realise that our togetherness with nature was diminishing. We are forgetting our age-old nurturer.

 The Oblivion’s curse:

  • Many of us have our childhood memories wreathed around the green trees that were present in the nearby premises. We must have heard stories from our parents or grandparents that narrate childhood pranks that centred around some tree or farm. But today, the generations have it all centred around electronic gadgets. We have all cursed those trees with the oblivion’s curse.
  • [sustainable future]The loss of forest cover has led to habitat loss and fragmentation. Several species have been victimised in the long run.

the debate- anthropocentrism vs. biocentrism

                                               human with nature vs. human without nature( two faces – one with greenery the other filled with drought)

Anthropocentrism vs biocentrism: 

  • With the advancing time, the debate gets bigger. and it remains a moot point to choose the welfare of humans or that of nature.[sustainable future] But the question is when did humans separate themselves from mother nature? Are we a separate entity? Isn’t it paradoxical to put up the debate?

a tree, a promise to mother nature

                                                                                                                               hands planting a tree

Restoring the heart of Te Fiti: plant a tree this sustainable future!

Te fiti and moana

                                                       a snap from the movie moana,where Te fiti, mother nature is at peace after having her heart restored.[sustainable future]

  •  Piecemeal announcements at the government level are no cure for a world that chooses anthropocentrism over biocentrism.[sustainable future] It’s high time we must join the initiative at an individual level and take a pledge on this day- the pledge to instil panchamrit in nature and revive the greenery back. Te fiti awaits her heart! We need to be firm like Moana and restore her heart. Only then mankind will know peace.
  • Let’s make this promise day special by planting a tree and promising mother nature her heart back![sustainable future]

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By Pooja Kumari Sha

Date: 03/02/22


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    Let’s make this promise day special by planting a tree and promising mother nature her heart back


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