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Fennel seeds

  • Food is the only thing that gives energy and keeps our body healthy and tummy filled. The spices, pulses, cereals, herbs, vegetables, etc are used in the preparation of food. Today we are going to see one of the ingredients which is a herb, spice, and vegetable. The Fennel. Let’s see some of the facts and medicinal benefits of Fennel seeds.

Fennel fruit fennel seeds

  • The fennel seeds are an ingredient used for culinary purposes in many recipes. It belongs to the family Umbellifers. This is an ingredient that is a herb, spice, and also vegetable. It’s because the base of the fennel plant looks like a bulb in shape that can be eaten as a vegetable. The leafy fronds of the plant are used as an herb.
  • The seeds in the plants can be dried and used as a spice. The fennel seed originated from the Southern Mediterranean region and it spread to the north, east and west hemispheres. Fennel seed gives a good spice kick, and a good aroma to the food and it is good for health. Most of the dishes like juice, soups, sauce, curries, and pickles contain fennel seeds. 

Plantation of Fennel seed

  • The plantation of fennel seed doesn’t require more tedious work. Let’s see how to grow a fennel plant in the following. The soil should be rich in organic matter, well-drained sandy and loamy soils are suitable to grow fennel plants. The PH range of 6-8 is good for cultivation.


  •  The temperature around 15-25 C is suitable for cultivating fennel. The seeds should be sowed under 1cm of ground and covered with soil or decompose soil. The seedling should be planted at an interval of 30 cm between each other. Proper watering and using natural fertilizer are advised. Using Nitrogen is recommended by the cultivators.
  • The sowing land should be weed-free or else the plants won’t receive important nutrients. Using natural pesticides like  Sulphur is useful in controlling infestation in plants. Based on the varieties the fennel plants mature in 60-90 days.
  • Some varieties take 180 days for maturing. After harvesting, we should separate the herb, and seeds and store them in an air-tight container and let them dry. After drying we can use the fennel seeds in the cuisine. 

Medicinal Benefits

The small fennel seeds consist of many nutrient contents and have many nutritional benefits. Let’s see some of the following benefits of fennel seeds.

Fennel Seeds

  • Blood pressure

The dietary nutrients in the fennel seeds are used to reduce blood pressure and improve heart health. So chewing fennel seeds can also help reduce blood pressure and it’s also a mouth freshener.

  • Cancer

Fennel seed contains selenium in it and with the help of those they can prevent inflammation. This antioxidant can help detoxify some cancer cells in the body. 

  • Immunity

The selenium presence can increase the production of T-cells in the body which improves the body’s immunity system.

  • Improves digestion

Fennels seeds are best in fiber and many other nutrients, this is useful in improving digestion and reducing constipation.

  • Skin health

The Vitamin in fennel seeds is helpful in various health problems. Vitamin C in fennel seeds is useful in producing collagen properties that support skin health. 

  • Metabolism

Fennel seeds are a good source of Vitamin B6 and play a big role in breaking carbs in our bodies. This breaking down of carbs can increase the body’s metabolism.

  • Reduce bodyweight

The digestion and metabolism properties in fennel seed are useful in reducing weight. By adding this to our diet food we can lose weight and have a tasty cuisine.

  • May benefit Breastfeeding

The presence of galactogenic content in fennel seeds helps in the secretion of breast milk in mothers. And it also helps in secreting prolactin levels in mothers that help signal the body to produce breast milk.

These are some of the medicinal benefits that fennel seeds contain which are useful for humans. Using fennel seeds in tasty recipes like juices, soups, etc can give a good taste and also be healthy for the human body. So let’s add fennel seeds to our cuisines and increase the quality of taste and health.

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