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Grape seeds

Grape Seeds -Erakina

Antioxidants, flavonoids, and melatonin are among the substances found in grape seeds that have health advantages. They are also used to manufacture supplements like grape seed oil and grape seed extract. A Closer view of red grapes on a white background Grapes are a popular fruit that many people appreciate because of how juicy they …

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Home grown vegetables

Ugaoo Seeds – Erakina

Overview of Ugaoo Seeds Ugaoo Seeds is a leading online garden store in India selling seeds and other agricultural supplies, aiming to leave the earth greener and healthier than how they found it. First ideated by CEO Sidhant Bhalinge, who was then a newly returned post-grad student of Landscape Architecture from California State University, Ugaoo …

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basil seeds

Babri Beoul-Erakina

Raw basil seeds In Kashmiri, basil seeds, also known as Sabja seeds or Tukmaria seeds, are called ‘Babri Beoul.’ Basil seed has it all, from being a kitchen’s greatest buddy and being used as the main component in a variety of cuisines such as puddings, tea, sharbat, and more, to having a variety of therapeutic …

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