Overview of Ugaoo Seeds

  • Ugaoo Seeds is a leading online garden store in India selling seeds and other agricultural supplies, aiming to leave the earth greener and healthier than how they found it. First ideated by CEO Sidhant Bhalinge, who was then a newly returned post-grad student of Landscape Architecture from California State University, Ugaoo continues to create green and sustainable spaces both indoors and outdoors while reducing food miles and encouraging community garden morals.
  • They are practically a dream team for anyone who lives in urban India and feels dejected over not being able to create their own food garden there. Housing experts in fields ranging from horticulture to garden management, Ugaoo Seeds have presented a very profitable image of online agriculture.(ugaoo seeds)
  • When the pandemic had struck for the first time and there was a countrywide lockdown, many people living in the urban area found solace in either taking care of their already existing gardens at home or began exploring their long due desire of gardening even indoors. 
  • This was where the USPs of Ugaoo seeds–unique in quality, plant expert for each customer, 18 acres of nurseries which are updated with every new technology or method as it arrives, self-watering pots for easy maintenance, recyclable plant packaging–came into significance because this company stood for indoor gardening and establishing and expanding green spaces in urban area as a step towards a greener earth, even before people saw gardening as their peace of mind during a pandemic induced lockdown.
  • With pan India dispatch centres and nurseries that deliver plants to every home and every pin code, they didn’t just destigmatize the inhibitions around gardening by making all its requirements so easily accessible but also made sure that they sustainably stuck to their goals by normalising the growing of our own food to reduce carbon footprints generated in the process. 

Home grown vegetables ugaoo seeds

Man carrying wooden box containing vegetables(ugaoo seeds)

Ugaoo seedss Online Vegetable Seeds

  • They are of best quality due to their unaffected viability by longer periods of storage.
  • They are crucial for a high yield and a sprouting kitchen garden.
  • Available in both exotic and local types and the best quality heirloom type of vegetable seeds.(ugaoo seeds) 
  • Best suited for Indian climate and weather conditions.
  • They are not genetically modified and hence are organic and fresh, even when being delivered at doorsteps.
  • The official site of Ugaoo can be approached for additional vegetable gardening tips as well.

Flower garden at home ugaoo seeds

A group of purple flowers(ugaoo seeds)

Ugaoo seeds Online Flower Seeds

  • Best assortment of flower seeds – 62 seed varieties, taxonomized from colours to smells.
  • All those 62 seed varieties possess innovative genetics.
  • Seed packets come with detailed sowing instructions. 
  • Expert assistance given in case of sowing and gardening exotic blooms.
  • Special insistence on prior knowledge of the annual flower seeds, perennial flower seeds and biennial flower seeds. 
  • Annual flower seeds – easy to germinate, blooms quickly, meant to last long seasons and Ugaoo seeds annual seeds do!
  • Perennial flower seeds – easy to grow, aesthetic garden presence, some are evergreen while some regrow every summer.
  • Biennial flowers seeds – life span of two years, builds healthy plants the first year, blooms the next.

Ugaoo Seeds

Packet of Amaranth Seeds(Chawli Bhaji) ugaoo seeds

After effect of online marketing of seeds 

  • With a change so revolutionary in an agriculturally dominated country like India, where the traditional seed selection for gardening involves physically going to nurseries and inspecting the seeds themselves, an online marketing of seeds has faced quite a few obstacles.[ugaoo seeds]
  • The easy accessibility has indeed made a major task of any gardening look a lot easier, but there is a massive difference between introducing a change and adapting to that change. Adapting to such a revolution is what the country seems to be struggling still.
  • Indeed, the various lockdowns and the ongoing pandemic has left no option but for people to choose online seed marketing but about 59% of customers would take every chance of opting the traditional way to go about their gardening. 
  • In the case of vegetable seeds, one major plant and health benefit from them is that one can grow them organically without harmful fertilizers or pesticides. Thus, customers can have control on not just the quantity of their food consumption but also the quality they consume which is important for a healthy lifestyle.[ugaoo seeds]
  • In case of flower seeds, the variety of seeds that is available on online marketing is unmatched and unlimited. Customers can specify categories to get the exact range of flowers they want in their garden, which ultimately adds on to the aestheticism of a garden.
  • Thus, in a progressive and highly developing country, online marketing of seeds is a great business as it will not just be very inclusive of all the workers of this business working in different requirement levels to manufacture the perfect seeds, but will also be a great contribution to the overall GDP of the nation.
  • Of course, adjusting to technology and new scientific methods would be a problem for the traditional seed sowers and growers. But with enough scope of this business in current times and innumerable more coming up, the traditional grower will definitely switch over completely soon.[ugaoo seeds] 

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By Joy Oahimijie

Date: 12/04/22

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