Chia seeds are said to be edible seeds. It belongs to the mint family. This crop is mainly cultivated in America and Mexico. These seeds are oval in shape and black in color. The measurement of seed is about 2.1mm * 13mm * 0.8mm. The weight is about 1.3mg. 


It is said that this seed was first used as food in 3500 BC. It started its cultivation between 1500 and 900 BC. During ancient times it was just used to feed birds. Seeds can be pressed to take out the oil from it and used to make paints which are being used in statues. It is also considered a medical use, it can improve the eye health of a person. It is said that Aztec Warriors named people first started eating these edible seeds.

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Chia seeds are generally used as toppings in food like smoothies/shakes, cereals, bread, curd, etc. It can also be grown as plants in one’s home. This seed when soaked in water gets a jelly-like type. So it is beneficial to add it to shakes and desserts. Sometimes it is used as a substitution for eggs during the making of cakes, muffins, and cookies. It has the same benefits as eggs, so it is useful for a person who is on a vegan diet or a person who has an egg allergy.


  • Chia seeds contain 138 calories, 4. gm protein, 8.7gm fat, 5gm acid, 11.9gm, carbs  9.8gm.
  • Chia seeds contain a good amount of antioxidants which are very helpful in heart health.
  • Chia seeds can be helpful in the weight loss of a person as it contains an equal amount of proteins.
  • Chia seeds contain nutrients like calcium and phosphorous which are very helpful for bone health.
  • Chia seeds are very helpful in controlling the blood sugar level which means it is very helpful for diabetic patients.
  • Chia seeds prevent a person from aging and give a healthy skin.
  • Chia seeds boost our immunity power which is very helpful during fever or some illness.
  • Chia seeds are recommended by doctors as it also prevents breast cancer or cervical cancer.
  • With the help of chia seeds, one can feel the belly full for a longer time.
  • Chia seeds help the person to keep the stress away which is a very good thing about chia seeds.
  • Chia seeds help the person to keep the stress away which is a very good thing about chia seeds.
  • It is recommended for pregnant women and breastfeeding women so that the child can get the proper nutrients from edible seeds.
  • Chia seeds are very helpful during the digestion process.
  • For good skin, one can apply chia seeds mask daily on one’s face so that it can prevent wrinkles and keeps antioxidants and proteins on one’s face.

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Chia Seeds with Desserts

Skin Care

  • Put one teaspoon of chia seeds into the bowl.
  •  Do add two teaspoons of coconut oil to the bowl.
  • Then add one teaspoon of lemon juice into the bowl. 
  • Now mix it well till it becomes a jelly-like substance.
  • Apply this substance to your face and keep this substance still for an hour.

Side Effects

  • Consuming chia seeds regularly can give abdominal pain to the person.
  • Chia seeds can affect the bloodstream in the body as they can convert the blood to thin.
  • It is dangerous for a person who has low blood sugar levels as consumption of seeds regularly can lower the blood sugar level.
  • Chia seeds can also create an allergy in a person.

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Chia Seeds into Breakfast


This blog is about edible chia seeds- introduction, history, usage, benefits, skincare, and side effects. In the introduction, we have given a brief about the edible seeds. In history, we have discussed briefly how humans started eating these edible seeds and where it was found. In usage, we have discussed chia seeds used in smoothies and breakfast. In benefits, we have discussed the advantages of consuming edible seeds regularly. We all know that it is very good for our skin that we can put a pack on our face. We have also discussed the side effects of chia seed consuming them regularly.




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