The ancient history of spiritualism comes with great mythological stories and myths. Many moral stories and stories about god give the belief that we can believe in god. Many temples and shrines are built for worshipping and to make our minds balanced. Today, we are going to talk about the Mata Mansa Devi temple of Haryana and some facts about it. 



The Mata Mansa temple is situated in Manimajra, Panchkula district, Haryana. The temple was at the edges of the Shivalik hill range. It was built under the rule of Maharaja Gopal Singh of Manimajra in 1815. People believe that the king had constructed a secret way from his palace to the temple by building a secret cave which is 3km from the palace. As time went by, the temple renovation and maintenance were handed over by pujari, to the government, and to the Shrine board.

The Shrine Board has done many renovations and expanded the temple by building compound walls and extending the holy place to 104 acres. The shrine board also helped the temple by collecting donations from the devotees. 

Lord Shiva Grieving

The story of the temple is mentioned in the old book of Shiva Purana. The goddess Parvati, the daughter of Daksha, was married to Lord Shiva. Daksha the king of the Himalayas prepared an Ashwamedha Yagna and invited all. But he didn’t invite Lord Shiva because he didn’t like him. But Parvati insisted that she wanted to go to her father’s Yagna and Lord Shiva granted her permission. When she reached the Yagna, she was unwelcomed and nobody treated her well. But Shiva once warned her that going to an uninvited Yagna is wrong. The Lord’s saying comes to her mind and the situation made her sad and by that, she jumped into the Yagna’s fire and died. After hearing the sad news, Lord Shiva got angry and ordered his men to kill Daksha. When he reached the place, he found the burned body of Parvati and he got sad and enraged. So he took her body on his shoulder and started the Tandava dance which is a dance that contains rage. This made other gods worried and feared. So to put an end to this, Lord Vishnu used his Sudharshana Chakra and destroyed Devi Parvati’s body. The body parts scattered all over the world and became Sakthi Peethas. 

Lord Shiva said that whoever with a good soul prays in the place of Sakthi Peethas, their wish would come true. The head part landed in Panchkula which is now the Mata Mansa Devi temple.

Mata Mansa Devi temple

Idol of Goddess

The temple is very famous because of the belief that for people who are clean souls and have true spirituality, their prayers will be answered by the Devi goddess. Many people believe this and they visit the temple daily. Especially during the time of Navratri, more than thousands of people visit the temple. The temple prepares Halwa as a prasad. People who work in the temple wake up early in the morning and prepare Halwa in a large amount for the devotees. But those prasad’s will be over within hours. Many people who visit the temple will be fed breakfast in the eating halls. 

The temple is open from 4 am to 10 pm on normal days. But on Navratri festival days the temple will be kept open 24×7. People who want to have a spiritual trip can visit Mata Mansa Devi temple to get their souls refreshed and leave with peace of mind.

Facts about Mata Mansa Devi temple

The 100 acres big Devi goddess temple consists of many details people need to know for a better understanding of the temple. Some of the facts are:

  • The Mata Mansa temple was built by Maharaja Gopal Das of Manimajra from 1811 to 1815.
  • During Navratri, the temple will be filled with devotees of thousands and thousands of people.
  • The main idol of Mansa Devi is kept inside the premises and along with Laxmi and Saraswati Devi idols are accompanied.
  • When the state of Haryana developed, the temple was taken care of by Pujaris. But in 1991, Shri Mata Mansa Devi shrine board was formed and then the temple was handed over to the board members.
  • The many wall paintings in the temple depict many mythological stories.
  • We are able to see Lord Shiva and Hanuman temple in Mata Mansa temple.

These are some of the facts about the temple that give us a better understanding of the temple. So, let’s pack our bags and take a trip to the temple and get spiritualized.

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