Cinnamon is generally called Ceylon cinnamon as it is native to Sri-Lanka. Cinnamon can also be found in India, Myanmar, South Africa, West Indies, etc. It belongs to the laurel family(Lauraceae). During ancient times, it had more value than gold. Its scientific name is Cinnamon Verum.


Cinnamon is counted as a spice and it was the first spice which came into the knowledge of humans. It was largely traded for spices during the ancient period. During the 16th century, Portuguese traders started controlling Ceylon (now Sri- Lanka). At that time, cinnamon had the monopoly in spices. Even the Dutch invaded the country during the 17th century. After some years, other countries got the knowledge that the spice can be grown in their own country and there came the turning point for cinnamon as the monopoly of the spice declined. After that, it was also found in India, where people generally use it for fragrances in biryani. Some researchers believe that it was burned along with a corpse as it gives the fragrance. So if a person died because of any disease, for that purpose, cinnamon is used.


Cinnamon Sticks


  1. Cinnamon increases a person’s metabolism to digest food and automatically it increases our immune system.
  2. It contains a large amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants help the body to repair damage. It also delays the sign of ageing which will be very useful for a girl.
  3. Cinnamon contains anti-inflammatory properties which helps the body in fighting infections of fungus and repairing it.
  4. It is very useful for a heart patient as it helps to regulate pumping of the heart, circulation of the blood which will be useful for all.
  5. Cinnamon is very useful for diabetic patients as it releases insulin hormone in the blood in a required amount. 
  6. Consuming cinnamon in the required amount will reduce acne, pimples and blackheads from skin. It is actually a God-sent acne remover.
  7. Cinnamon maintains the tone and texture of a healthy skin.
  8. There is a condition called eczema, it is a condition in which the skin becomes very itchy and dry which leads to redness of the skin. Consuming cinnamon or putting cinnamon oil can relieve the pain and itch of the condition.
  9. Cinnamon oil added to olive oil can be spread on the lips as it helps to give a soft and smooth lips. This can be helpful for all ladies as they put this mixture in their lips before applying lip shade.
  10. It also helps to remove dead skin cells when cinnamon oil is put daily on one’s skin or face.
  11. Cinnamon helps to remove dirt and dandruff from the scalp. In this case, cinnamon oil is applied to the scalp and massaged to remove the dirt.
  12. One can also make tea through cinnamon. Cinnamon tea helps in maintaining sugar levels and improves one’s heart health.


Cinnamon Tea


  1. Consuming cinnamon regularly can cause liver damage for a healthy person as well. It contains a large amount of coumarin which leads to liver damage and liver disease(cancer). 
  2. Consuming cinnamon can cause sour mouth, swelling of tongue or gum. It can also cause burning or itching in the mouth. The reason behind having these is that the person can be allergic to cinnamon or the cinnamon can expire. Nowadays, a lot of fertilizers are being used in crops and spices so the lifespan of spices and crops are being reduced. 
  3. Cinnamon can cause breathing problems for health as well as asthma related patients. It can create irritation in the throat, coughing which automatically leads to breathing problems.


Cinnamon Powder


Cinnamon was the first household spice found which has many advantages–improves metabolism, good for digestion, increases immunity power, helps to repair the damage, anti-aging, regulates the pumping of the heart, circulation of blood, releases insulin hormone in a balanced amount as it is beneficial for one’s own health. We should avoid its disadvantages–sour mouth, itchiness, burning of the throat etc. All the ingredients and spices have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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