“An Incredible Sight to Behold”: Pictures of the Total Solar Eclipse from Space Station.- Erakina

On November 5th, 2021, the official twitter page of the NASA (National  Aeronautics and Space Administration) Astronauts released pictures of the total solar eclipse from the International Space Station (ISS). 


Kayla Barron, an astronaut of the expedition along with a crew of 66 astronauts experienced the total solar eclipse from space. She tweeted “Saturday morning, the Expedition 66 crew squeezed into the Cupola to check out the total solar eclipse that occurred over Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Here the moon casts an oblong shadow on the Earth’s surface. It was an incredible sight to behold.”


Screenshot of a tweet from NASA.
A tweet from NASA’s official page releasing pictures from space



In the picture clicked from above 400 kilometers from our planet, Earth can be seen partially covered in darkness. A band of long shadows stretched on the planet. This is the phenomenon of solar eclipse where the moon comes in between the Sun and Earth and leaves a band of darkness in the planet, by blocking the Sun and casting shadow. The mesmerizing image shared from the Space Station is widely reshared on the internet.




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