Biodiversity is the different kinds of life that are plants, animals, and microorganisms. These creatures include food, fuel, shelter, and medicine. It can be complex as well as in the simplest form.



The term biodiversity was first introduced in the year 1985. Without biodiversity no one can live on our planet earth. It is required for both the natural ecosystem as well as the artificial ecosystem. Without biodiversity everything is impossible, no living being can live on this earth without the proper biodiversity.

Biodiversity Loss
Part of Biodiversity

Types of Biodiversity


Species Diversity

It is a diversity in which different varieties of species can be found. Species can be plants or microorganisms. Every animal or human shows a different set of diversity among ourselves. Species like dinosaurs, tigers, lions, etc. 

Genetic Diversity

Every organism is different from each other, this is because of genetic variation among the species. This genetic diversity can easily be seen in humans as we all look different from each other. 

Ecological Diversity

Ecological diversity refers to variation in all species regarding food chains and food webs. The ecosystem is just a combination of both living and nonliving organisms.

Functional Diversity

Species have their food and natural resources. It gives examples of behaviour and role of the species. 

Importance of Biodiversity


Ecological Stability

Every species on this planet has some or other important role in the ecosystem. They help to decompose materials and it becomes a nutrient in the soil. Without biodiversity no one can survive even humans can’t survive.

Economic Importance

Biodiversity contains large amounts of species in it including humans. Biodiversity is the beauty of the earth. 

Ethical Importance

Biodiversity is the reservoir of many species. It preserves many historical things like the traces of the existence of dinosaurs.

Biodiversity Loss

Biodiversity Loss


  • Biodiversity loss is mainly caused by human activities.
  • We, humans, have created so much loss to this beautiful planet earth.
  • Biodiversity loss refers to the declination of the number of species present on the planet.
  • This loss of biodiversity indirectly affects humans too.
  • Everyday many species are getting endangered or extinct

Causes of Biodiversity Loss


Habitat Loss

Habitat loss is referred to as the destruction of the ecosystem or food chain of a planet. Many habitats are lost because of many unavoidable reasons. 

Invasive Species

Invasive species are those which get modified due to environmental changes. Sometimes the situation is worse. 


 Overexploitation refers to the overhunting and overfishing which is mostly done by humans for their selfishness.


Pollution can be noise pollution or water pollution. Water pollution affects the water animals. Noise pollution affects birds, eagles, etc.

Global Warming

Global warming is the main problem of the planet as it is destroying every species which is present on this planet. Global warming is the reason for climate change.

Biodiversity Loss



The blog is about biodiversity loss which is created by us humans-introduction,  history, types of biodiversity, the importance of biodiversity, and biodiversity loss. Types of biodiversity- species diversity, genetic diversity, ecological diversity, functional biodiversity. Importance of biodiversity- ecological diversity, economic importance, ethical importance,. Biodiversity loss- habitat loss,  invasive species, over- exploitation, pollution, global warming. 

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