Megha Chakarborthy was Mastani’s real name. Mastani was born on 29th August 1699. She was the daughter of Maharaja Chhatrasal and Ruhani Bai. Maharaja Chhatrasal was a rajput king and her mother Ruhani was a Muslim. Mastani had a very controversial relationship with Bajirao- Maratha Peshwa as she was his second wife. It is said that Mastani was very beautiful. 


Bajirao- Mastani love story compared to Krishna- Radha love story. But some say it was just the agreement with Mastani’s father so in the way of showing gratitude to Bajirao. Mastani’s Mahal in Pune was made for her by Bajirao. There is a door in a fort near Shaniwar Wada which is named after Mastani as Mastani door.


Real Photo of Mastani


Mastani’s hometown was Bundelkhand. Ruhani Bai, mother of Mastani, it is said Ruhani was the mistress of King Chhatrasal. Chhatrasal had 2 sons and one daughter whose name is Mastani. Bundelkhand was attacked by the Mughal king- Muhammad Khan Bangash in the year 1728. At that time the king asked Bajirao for help. Bajirao visited Bundelkhand and fought against the Mughals on behalf of King Chhatrasal in the year 1729 and he also defeated the Mughals in the battle of Jaitpur. During the visit, Bajirao started loving Mastani and in a way showing gratitude to the Bajirao king by giving his daughter to the king.

Religious Beliefs

As we all know that Mastani’s father was Rajput and her mother was Muslim so she followed both the religion- Hindu and Muslim. It is also believed that she was also Krishna bhakt even if her mother followed Shia.


  • It is believed that during the marriage of Bajirao and Mastani, the whole of his family was against their marriage including his mother Radha Bai. 
  • Mastani was very beautiful as the moon. She was also very skilled in the subject of arts and literature.
  • Mastani married her beloved at the age of 16.
  • Their love is the most controversial one. 
  • Mastani’s father was the founder of state Panna.
  • Mastani’s mother Ruhani was once a court dancer.
  • Mastani was very good at horse riding and she regularly accompanied Bajirao during all his battles.
  • It is also said that Mastani was house arrested by Bajirao’s family members.


Painting of both Bajirao and Mastani

Love Story

After the battle against the Mughals, Mastani came to Pune with Bajirao. Bajirao there and then married Mastani. Mastani Mahal was built up in Pune fort of Bajirao near shaniwar Wada- Saturday festival. Both together had one child named Krishna Rao. Her son was named after Krishna as she followed Hindu beliefs, the interesting part is that she was Krishna bhakt. But after some years her son’s name got changed to Shamsher Bahadur. They loved each other so much that the two died in the same year in 1748 as Bajirao died in a battle and Mastani died as soon as she heard the news that her husband is no more, she was not able to bear the news. It is also said that during the last days of Bajirao, he was mostly found with Mastani. Bajirao did not even go to the other side of mahal to meet his family members or Kashirao- his first wife.

After Bajirao and Mastani’s death, Mastani’s son- Shamsher was taken care of by Kashirao along with her two sons- Balajibajirao, and Ragunathrao. After some years Shamsher Bahadur also died after the death of Mastani. He was killed during the battle of Panipat. It is said that he got wounded very badly during the battle.

About Chhatrasal

 King was born on 4th May 1649  in the district of Tikamgarh. As we all know that Chhatrasal was  Mastani’s father, there are some interesting facts about him that few know about. At that time he was also a Bundelkhand warrior as he was strong enough to protect his territory.  It is said that he had 13 wives and many mistresses as these were very common at those times. He had 2 sons- Jagat Rai and Bharti Chand, and one daughter- Mastani. He also considered Bajirao1 as his first son. It is also said that during his kingdom, even Mughals get scared of him as he is such a warrior. He died on 20th December 1731. He was 82 years of age during his death. 


Painting of Kashirao


The blog is about Mastani who is the beautiful wife of Bajirao- introduction, history, about, religious beliefs, facts, love story, about the king. I would suggest that everyone should visit the fort and mahal so that one can learn the depth of the topic.



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