A pilot shot a short video, where he saw some lights moving mysteriously and claimed it to be a fleet of UFOs over the sea. He believes it to be a fleet of alien ships moving in a ‘weird’ formation.

Still from the video.
A set of 9 lights spotted and circled in the video.

While flying over the Pacific Ocean, at a height of 39,000 feet , the pilot starts to shoot a video. In the beginning, a beautiful horizon with golden rays of Sun and clouds beneath. Then the video zooms in and nine mysteriously rotating lights are spotted. The lights are seen moving round in a set of three. At the end of the video, lights seemed to be fading out.

On seeing the mysteriously rotating lights, the pilot is shocked and is heard saying, “I do not know what that is. That is some weird s**t. That is something flying.” The netizens are all going crazy over this video. Few pointed it out as the anti-missiles flares from a warplane, but their movement in formation is still a mystery!


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