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In India, there are more Wildlife Sanctuaries and Parks to protect Wildlife animals. Places like Madras Crocodile bank, Dudhwa park, etc. But the National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the largest and a Tristate government belonged for the welfare of Wildlife. The National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary gets its name from the long-flowing Chamba river which is about 1024 km. The Sanctuary is also called as National Chambal Gharial Sanctuary. By saving the Gharial Crocodiles the sanctuary got the new official name.

History & Features:

Gharial Crocodile

Crocodile near the water

The National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary is a surrounding of 5400 km(3355.404 miles) that covers three states Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. They were officially gazetted by the government in 1978 by the three states. The poaching and fishing off Gharials made them almost wiped in the early ’70s. By breeding and the reintroduction program started the Chambal river s chosen as the Habitat to them. Its long terrestrial surface brings the birth of Gharial Crocodiles to the world again.

The National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary comes under the Government’s Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. By the act, the Sanctuary comes under the Jurisdiction of the three states which are protected by India’s Wildlife Protection. The Sanctuary is administered by the Department of Forest and their Headquarters is situated at Morena, Madhya Pradesh.

The Critically Endangered Species like Gharial and the Red-Crowned Roof Turtle are present in the Chambal Sanctuary along with the species like Ganges river Dolphins, Mugger Crocodile, Striped Hyena, Smooth-coated Otter, and Indian wolf. Chambal has 8 of the 26 rare Turtle species of India. The Turtles like Indian narrow-headed softshell turtles, Three-striped roof turtles, and Crowned river turtles. The Sanctuary has both land and aquatic animals. Mammals like Golden Jackal, Bengal Fox, Jungle Cat, Wild Boar, Indian Gazelle, etc. 

Indian Skimmer

Indian Skimmers drinking water

The National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the Important Bird Areas in India. The sanctuary gives habitat to over 320 species of resident birds and the migraters too. The migratory birds from Siberia and from other countries’ rich Avian Fauna are most welcomed here. The birds like Indian Skimmer, Sarus Crane, Palla’s Fish Eagle, and Indian courser are considered the Vulnerable species which have the sanctuary as their home. The other species like Pallid harrier and Lesser Flamingo are near-threatened species. Some winter visitors like Ferruginous pochard, Black-bellied turn, and Bar-headed goose presence can be seen. The river Chambal is one of the cleanest rivers in India. The area of Ravine in the sanctuary is also so helpful for the Birds. 

Fun things to do in Sanctuary:

The sanctuaries’ vast terrestrial land and the tranquilized place gives the people more option for fun things to do. The sanctuary has planned some fun activities like Boat riding, Horse riding, Jeep riding, etc. The people have other options like bird watching. The Birds migrate from outer lands to here and stay there for a while. This makes the bird watchers happy. A little distance away the tourist can go for the Boat ride in which they can see the Endangered Species of Gharial Crocodile lying on the little island accompanied by birds.

The Jeep ride is another fun thing in which they can see the animals like Reptiles and Mammals. The Camel ride into the Ravine to explore the unseen land and forts. The Camel ride in the sunny weather makes people feel the experience of a little dessert. By traveling a little more people can able to discover the village and the people and their lifestyle. Another fun thing is going on a Photoshoot of animals. The perfect picture for a photographer is here. And with the help of the guide and their techniques can help us for the perfect capture. The Damoh waterfall in the Monsoon time gives a pleasant feel and refreshment and enjoyment for the families and friends. With the sanctuary accommodation and the services, they provide this is the perfect holiday for people who like nature and for the nature Nomads. 

BY Mukesh Kumar U M

Date: 10/01/2022

Tags: animals, birds, wildlife

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