The Mughal dynasty has proven to be a big part of Indian history. Not only in history, but they’ve also contributed plenty to shaping our culture and infrastructure. They’ve added diversity to the Indian culture by introducing us to their colourful and vibrant way of life. Mughals have given us a brand new cuisine and a few delicious delicacies, different types of art, music, and dance. The foremost important element they’ve brought is that the beautiful monuments in-built their time. They’re like feathers within the crown of India’s heritage. Mughals have built numerous monuments in the majority parts of India; some were built for expressing love, some have a spiritual significance, and others are tombs that were built to celebrate deceased emperors.

Sher Shah Suri’s Tomb
People visiting Sher Shah Suri’s tomb

We’ve all heard of the famous Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the globe, which is additionally a tomb of Mumtaaz Mahal built by the Emperor. Humanyun’s Tomb is another example of a good-looking tomb. The Sher Shah Suri Tomb is one more beautiful monument. As the name suggests, it’s the Mughal emperor Sher Shah Suri’s tomb.

Who Was Sher Shah Suri?


Sher Shah Suri was the founding father of the Suri Empire within the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. He took control of India in 1538 after defeating Humayun. Sher Shah Suri’s empire ranged from the Bay of Bengal to the Banks of the river Indus.

Sher Shah was a benevolent ruler and one of the best administrators in Indian history. His contributions are noted down in history as revolutionary. He’s well-known for fostering trade and commerce, improving roads and developing infrastructure in those times. During his seven-year rule from 1538 to 1545, he founded new economic and military administration. He founded a powerful army and recruited soldiers directly. The tomb in-built his honour is one in every of Sasaram’s tourist places visited frequently by people.

About Sher Shah Suri Tomb

 Sher Shah Suri’s Tomb in Bihar
Sher Shah Suri’s tomb in the middle of the river

The tomb of Sher Shah Suri has situated in Sasaram in modern-day Bihar. It’s located on the Grand highroad, which was built by him. It’s an exquisite mausoleum that was inbuilt in memory of Emperor Sher Shah Suri, a Pathan from Bihar. Emperor Sher Shah Suri was a big part of history as he defeated the Mughal Empire and founded the Suri Empire in northern India within the 16th century. Aside from the historical significance, Sher Shah Suri has changed the architectural pattern in India as his monuments were unique for his time. He was also credited for the introduction of the mail, and therefore the current system of currency utilized in India. 

History of Sher Shah Suri Tomb


Sher Shah Suri died on 22nd May 1545 during the blockade of Kalinjar fort in Bundelkhand. When all of Sher Shah Suri’s tactics to beat the fort had failed, he ordered the walls of the fort to be blown up with gunpowder. But he got seriously injured thanks to a mine explosion, so he gave up the ghost. The development of the tomb started when Sher Shah Suri was alive and continued during the reign of his son Islam Shah. Since his demise was so sudden and unforeseen, his son had to complete the development of the uncompleted tomb. The development was finally completed three months after his death. It is believed that the tomb was built between 1540 and 1545. An inscription states the completion date as 16th August 1545.


Inside Sher Shah Suri’s tomb
Ruins inside the tomb of Sher Shah Suri

Sher Shah Suri’s tomb may be a majestic example of ancient architecture. Its elements of Indo-Islamic architecture include large open courtyards, high domes, and pillars; it’s a hint at Afghan architecture likewise. This beautiful structure could be a three-storied high mausoleum (approximately 100 and twenty-two feet). It stands proudly in the middle of a synthetic square-shaped lake. it’s locally noted as “The Second Taj Mahal” thanks to its subtle similarities with the globally famous monument. Interestingly, Sher Shah Suri’s tomb is thirteen feet above the peak of the mausoleum in Agra.

How to Reach?


The Sasaram railway station is just 0.8 kilometres away from Sher Shah Suri Tomb. You can arrive at Gaya by flight and then take a drive to Sher Shah Suri Tomb by road. The distance is approximately one hundred thirty-two kilometres which is approximately a three-hour drive.

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