Our Planet Earth is 71% covered with Water on its surface, and the oceans contain 96.5% of that water, making the Oceans the very foundation of our global ecosystem.

Phytoplanktons present in the oceans account for about 80% of the entire world’s Oxygen content, and the Ocean’s Ecosystem is as fragile as any other. If one species goes extinct or the balance is disturbed too much, it can spell disaster for us all.


The International/World Fisheries Day is celebrated every year on 21st November which was started in 2015 by the World Fisheries Form (WFF) and on the same day the grand opening of The International Fishermen’s Organization was held in New Delhi. The WFF was started in 1997 by 18 different countries to call for a standardization of fishing practices. They wanted to develop a sustainable prevalent fishing culture on a global level to protect the interests of Fishermen all over the world.

A Fisherman Fishing
Fishermen provide many people with their basic diets.

Most people living in the Coastal areas are heavily dependent on Seafood, and overfishing of specific species is bad for everyone including the fishermen. Nowadays Fishermen face many challenges such as but not limited to widespread contamination of plastic pollution since most of our Plastic waste ends up in the ocean, global warming that is causes many species of fish to migrate and face difficult in survival, Oil Spills, Illegal Poaching of endangered species, toxic chemicals in seawater, and overgrowth of Algae. 


In 2020, the theme of this celebration was changed to focus on Biodiversity which improves the overall health of the ocean just like any other ecosystem. This special day serves as a crucial opportunity for an otherwise overlooked industry and profession that is essential to our lifestyles and doesn’t get a lot of attention. Places in the world even celebrate World Fisheries Day with rallies and parades. The activities need to be talked about because there are many people in coastal areas engaging in fishing and they absolutely must be trained and well educated about the entire process.


Even in India so many fishing communities are yet to tap into the potential that this day has for them. Let’s amplify its message so that it may reach them!

Dozens of Fishes for sale in crates.
Fishing is a crucial part of our collective culture and must be done sustainably


Anirudh Gitai

Content Writer (Erakina by RTMN)


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