• Acerola is a fruit high in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, niacin, thiamine, and riboflavin. The fruit is effective in enhancing the vitamin level among humans to strengthen their immunity. The fruit due to various vitamin and mineral components is used in medicines. Acerola is useful to treat Vitamin C deficiency like scurvy.
  • The fruit is also suitable to treat sorts of heart diseases like blood clots, atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries, and cancer. The high constituent of vitamin C in acerola makes it beneficial to treat various ailments like pressure abscesses, common cold, retinal hemorrhage or eye-bleeding gum infections, and tooth decay.
  • Athletes around the world use acerola to strengthen their immunity and stamina. Acerola has high relevance in the contemporary pandemic scenarios to strengthen our immunity. It is high in nutrients and antioxidants boosting the immunity level keeping us from plausible diseases and infections.

Acerola fruit immunity                                                                                                An effective immunity booster

Scientific classification of Acerola

Kingdom: Plantae
  • Clade: Tracheophytes / Angiosperms / Eudicots / Rosids
  • Order: Malpighiales
  • Family: Malpighiaceae
  • Genus: Malpighia
  • Species: M. emarginata
  • Scientific name: Malpighia emarginata

Acerola Cherry

  • Acerola cherry is the fruit of the small trees or shrubs from the Western Hemisphere. The fruit is quite identical to the cherry and gets red as it rips. Acerola fruit is fairly rich in vitamin C that strengthens the immunity level of humans. The plant is native to the Caribbean islands and southern Mexico earning the title, ‘Barbados cherry’ or ‘West Indies cherry’.
  • Though the fruits look like cherries, they are not cherries. The berries or fruits of acerola have high contents of nutrients and antioxidants. So the fruits have high medicinal usage acting as vitamin C supplements.
  • The acerola supplement has sorts of health and wellness mechanisms like an antidepressant, treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, application as skin astringent cream, and athletic endurance among others.

Acerola fruit                                                                                                Acerola fruits are identical to cherries

Usage of acerola as an immunity booster

  • The berries of acerola are a treasure trove of various vitamins and minerals that strengthens our immunity system. acerola is at its best when grown organically rather than artificially. The berries of acerola have higher vitamins than strawberries and oranges. The fruits are rich sources of both vitamin A and C. Thus the fruits are highly used to treat sorts of illness and radical damages.  
  • We are undergoing a pandemic situation across the world. In such a phase, boosting or enhancing our immunity is important to keep us away from diseases, namely COVID-19. The sorts of vitamins like Vitamin C present in acerola are effective in building collagen, treating scurvy, and strengthening the mucus membranes.
  • So one can have the acerola supplements to well function the immunity system and can fight against deadly diseases like cancer and the recent pandemic. The acerola supplements are quite popular among health experts. The high constituent of vitamin C helps to fight common cold and flu – indications to contract the pandemic.
  • So having an acerola supplement as a part of your diet is a good idea as the supplement comprises of the following nutrient components –
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B-1 or Thiamine
  • Vitamin B-2 or Riboflavin
  • Vitamin B-3 or Niacin
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus

Acerola berries

Side effects of Acerola

  • Now, there is a disclaimer. Don’t get excited by the overt immunity-boosting impact of acerola. Too much consumption or overconsumption of the fruit may lead to discomforts and digestive issues. So the athletes undertaking acerola supplements can consult their dietician or a medical practitioner to ascertain its right quantity.
  • It is ideal to have a milligram dose of acerola as a vitamin C supplement. Recommended measure of the acerola supplement will keep you away from indigestion and boost your immunity as well. In the market, there are several local suppliers of acerola. Those may not be the right product or benefits that you are looking for.
  • It will be better to abide by the quantity and quality of a known manufacturer recommended by the Food and Drug Administrator. Overconsumption of acerola can lead to diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and other ailments.

The bottom line for Acerola and its role in immunity-boosting

  • Acerola is an ideal immunity booster that one can have in these troubled times. It is high in vitamin C and acts as a natural supplement due to vitamins and minerals as its vital components. People are using it as antioxidants to keep away from sorts of diseases. It acts as an immunity booster but overconsumption of acerola may lead to serious health issues. So take your dosage responsibly!

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