• Chitrakoot is a place of spirituality and serenity. It is located in Madhya Pradesh. The Place is famous for its cultural civilization and spiritual history. The word Chitrakoot means “the hill of many wonders”. Chitrakoot is famous for its part in the story of Ramayana in which the forest of Chitrakoot gave shelter for lord Rama in his exile.
  • Lord Rama, Laxman, and goddess Sita spend 11 years of their exile in this forests. The connection makes the place a more sacred and famous spot in India. It also has the spiritual history of Lord Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma’s incarnations here. Many devotees come from all around the world. Let’s see some of the places that accompany Chitrakoot and their facts.

Chitrakoot tourist places

Chitrakoot falls

                                                                                                          A picture of Chitrakoot waterfalls

  • The Chitrakoot waterfalls are located in the Indravati river, Chattisgarh. The waterfall has a height of 90 feet. The colors of the water change according to the season. It looks pure white in the winter and a little brownish in the rainy season. The Chitrakoot fall is the largest waterlogged waterfall in Chattisgarh.
  • The flow of water and the view of thrashing water and the surrounding gives the place a comfortable feeling, and this attracts the tourists. It is also called the Niagara Falls of India. But most people like to visit in the rainy season for the exciting chilly experience. Ram Ghat is a pilgrimage located in this place that sites near the Mandakini river.

chitrakoot Karwi

                                                                                              Karwi the place where lord rama spend 12 years of vanavasa.

  • This place is famous for its spiritual history of  Ram, Laxman, and Sita had a conversation with Saint Goswami Tulsidas. The place is famous for its sunrise and sunset scenery. The next place is Gupt Godavari. The Gupt Godavari is a sacred river site. It consists of two caves and a water level up to the thighs. The cave has a small narrow entrance.
  • This is famous because this is the place where Lord Rama and his brother and wife stayed in their exile period. 

Bharat Milap temple                                                                                                           Picture of Bharat Milap temple

  • Hanuman Dhara is a temple located on the top of the hills. The temple is built on a big rock to the memory of Hanuman. This is the place Lord Rama treated Hanuman after he set fire to Lanka. The view from the top of the hill shows the city from a different angle. Janki Kund is a place that is near Ram Ghat. The place is alongside the Mandakini river.
  • This is the place where goddess Sita’s footprints were found in the rocks. Bharat Milap temple is the next spot in this place. It has a history of the brothers of Lord Rama, the Bharat in his exile period. The place provides the full information about the history of the Ramayana story and acts as a memorable tourist spot and a spiritual site of India.
  • The best time to visit it is between July and March. These are the famous spot and things that we can do around this place and have a wonderful vacation.

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