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We all know that the kiwi fruit is the national fruit of Newzealand. It is introduced by a school principal Isabel Fraser to Newzealand. Origin of Kiwi fruit is from the Far East. Researchers are saying that kiwi fruit originated from the present China region and so it is also called ‘Chinese Gooseberries’. It was introduced to Newzealand in 1904. The Educationalist brought the seeds from her travels placed here and named as ‘kiwi’ from the national bird of Newzealand. This name change happened in 1959 only. The native of this fruit is the forest situated in southwest China. This fruit was marketed in 1922 by Hayward Wright, a nurseryman near Auckland mentioned as ‘a wonderful fruiting climber’ and promoted as a highly valuable new rich fruit. It also ripens in the winter season which brings demand for these fruits. Then it is marketed all over the World and now we can know the value of this fruit and so the article is coming up with. 


Properties of Kiwi fruit:


Kiwi fruit is small pale brown in colour which is the outer layer and greeny, fleshy inner layer which is the edible one. Apart from green colour orange, red, gold and purple colours are present due to the development in 30 years of breeding. It tastes like a sour-tart combination in nature remembering the sweet in the taste buds. Kiwi fruit resembles a pineapple in both taste and appearance.

Slices of green Kiwi fruit in air.
Portrait of delicious intersected Kiwi fruit.

Kiwi fruit rich in antioxidants and nutrients:

Coming to the nutritional attributes of kiwi fruit, New Zealand Food Composition Database (NZFCD) has released the data on nutritional composition of the fruit. NZFCD has separately researched for flesh edible part nutrients and the outer layer rich nutrients. 

Sliced yellow Kiwi fruit.
Rich nutrient yellow fruit with seeds.

Major component is Vitamin C(Ascorbic acid) which is rich in Sungold kiwi compared to other fruits. It has 161 mg of vitamin C per 100g of edible flesh Sungold kiwi. It has antioxidants including Vitamin E, Vitamin C, choline, zeaxanthin and lutein. Kiwi fruit is rich in Vitamin K, calcium, folate and potassium. 


List of health benefits present in kiwi fruit:


  • Improves immune system:

Kiwi fruits are rich in vitamin c and so helps in boosting the immune system. Immunity is the most essential nutrient that should be present in all humans. Immune power helps in the fight against sickness that occurs in humans. Small illnesses like cold, fever, etc. will recover fast if we have a good immune system. Everyone knows after covid-19, scientists and doctors were insisting everyone to improve the immune system so that they can fight easily against covid. This can be attained by eating a kiwi fruit daily once.


  • Helps in Digestion:

Due to the presence of ascorbic acid in vitamin c which helps in the digestion part. Indigestion is the main cause for major illness occurring in humans. Kiwi fruit is rich in fiber and proteolytic enzyme called actinidin which helps in breaking the protein content. 


  • Helps to manage BP(Blood Pressure):

Recently, a research in 2014 found that Kiwi fruit contains bioactive substances in 3 fruits a day that can reduce the BP. Taking the fruit for a long duration can reduce the high blood pressure and helps in preventing severe problems like stroke, heart attack and cardio-vascular diseases.

Intersectional view of green fleshy kiwi fruit.
Zoomed fleshy part resembles a nucleus and the outer layer is covered by thin hair.
  • Prevents from stroke:

Kiwi fruit helps to manage blood pressure which can reduce the rate of blood clotting in our body. University of Oslo did research  and found that eating this fruit daily three in number can reduce the risk of blood clotting which helps to prevent a serious issue called stroke. It helps to digest the fat present in Blood which can act as a substitute for daily dose of aspirin.


  • Prevents from vision loss:

Three fruit per day helps in decrease of macular degeneration up to 36 percent. This is found from research and due to the high ranges of lutein and zeaxanthin play an important role for this effect. Macular degeneration is the common eye disorder that can be seen in people above the age of 50.


  • Helps to control diabetes and asthma:

Ingestion of this fruit can control diabetes and improve the function of lungs which helps in controlling asthma problems. It has a low glycaemic index which helps in controlling diabetes. It also prevents the dysfunction of adipose tissue. 


  • Helps to have good sleep:

If anyone who is suffering from insomnia and sleep disorder can take this fruit regularly to improve their sleeping hours. It gives effective sleep which helps our body to generate energy and can be active. 


  • Induces healthy skin and heal wounds:

Rich in Vitamin C can produce collagen which helps to improve the cells and tissues of organs. When the cells and tissues of the body parts are improved, which helps in healing wounds in a quick manner. The collagen helps to prevent skin from wrinkles and damages which can be produced by Vitamin C. Intake of fruit gives Vitamin E, which prevents our skin from sun rays. 


  • Prevents from Kidney stone and cancer:

High levels of Potassium intake prevents the formation of kidney stones which is researched recently by the National Institute of Health (Office of dietary supplements). This fruit contains more potassium and it also helps in removing free radicals in our body. A recent study from the National Cancer Institute proved that the high range of free radicals can damage DNA cells which results in formation of colon cancer. Kiwi fruit in the process of removing free radicals from our body with rich antioxidants, thus helps to prevent us from colorectal cancer.


-by Selvakumaran

Content Writer(Erakina by RTMN)


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