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Introduction to National park

The earth is covered with green forests and natural vegetation. The wild animals and the trees create a perfect life cycle for both people and animals. Nowadays many reserves and national parks are built for the welfare of animals. In that list, we are going to see about Balphakram National park and its facts.

Balphakram National Park

Top view of the national park

Balphakram national park

  • The national park is situated in South Garo Hills, Meghalaya. The national park is present near the border of Bangladesh. The park is declared in 1987 by the Meghalaya government for its tempting beauty and its greatness. The 3000 feet altitude land makes the park tremendous and as well as mind-blowing. The name Balphakram means “Land of perpetual winds”.  
  • The endangered plant species, curvy tall trees, and subtropical trees make the surrounding a well natural vegetation. The plants like pitcher plants and a famous herb called “dikges” are found here. Some of the caves are like the Siju-Dobkhakol cave which is situated right near the Simsang river and is 3rd longest cave in India with a length of 4772 meters.
  • The cave of dwarfs with inverted feet at Nengkhong is considered the second-largest in India. The limestone and stalagmite presence in the cave makes it look good to the viewers. 

A Red Panda

A Red Panda sleeping on a branch

  • The national park provides shelter for many different and endangered species of animals and plants. The Red Panda which is found in Balphakram is said to be the species that are found only in places like  Bhutan, China, and Meghalaya.
  • Their cute red and white color skin and their adorable behavior make people stare at them all day. Many people from around the globe visit to see red pandas to see their funny actions and to capture cute moments. The presence of the Red panda here is still a mystery for the people.
  • The endangered wild Water buffalo and rare Golden cat can be found here. With the rare species, some of the animals like tigers, leopards, elephants, bison, wild boar, and Sambar deer can be found here.
  • By mentioning only animals there are also some rare species of birds that people would like to see found here. In Balphakram we can see over 250 species of birds which are rare for bird lovers. Some of the species like White cheek partridge, bay woodpecker, etc are found here. The forest vegetation creates many homes for animals species like Python, King Cobra, mountain lizard, etc. 

Myths about Balphakram Park


A picture of the Gorge

  • The Park is famous for its beauty and the rare species of animals but many people and tribes who live near the park have a deep belief in its myth. The phenomenon that takes place in Balphakram national park is still a mystery for scientists to figure out.
  • The gorge inside the park is often compared to the Grand Canyon of the USA. But tribes believe that the dead soul of people is often wandering inside the gorge. It is said that dead souls will take a period to rest here before they embark on the journey to almighty. 
  • A giant magnetic rock in the park seeks the attention of birds and animals towards it. They are drawn towards the rock and get stuck in a hollow space that animals find difficult to get out from.
  • But the force only affects the animals and not affected any single living human. The mysterious phenomenon doesn’t hurt any civilians and people find the place awesome and really safe. Some mysterious things happen to the tree in which trees fall and another tree near also falls next.
  • People who decide to visit the Balphkram National park will surely have their time well spent. People should visit the park in between October and March months. These are some of the facts about the park and its specialty. Visiting Balphakram park will give people a fresh start in their life.

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Date: 14/04/2022

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