The name ‘Char’ means four in Hindi language. Meaning of ‘Minar’ is tower. Four minarets were present in Hyderabad and it was constructed in the year 1591. Char Minar is not just a monument, but it is also a Mosque to bring peace to the World. There are around 45 prayer spaces. The Monument was constructed by Muhammed Quil Qutb Shah with the employment of Marble and Lime mortar. It absolutely was established with the influences of both Islamic-style and Hindustan style structure. The Four towers with in the monument mention the primary Khalifa’s of Islam named Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali. Each Minaret consists of 4 floors and visitors can climb around 149 steps to succeed in and luxuriate in the gorgeous scenery of Hyderabad. 

Why Charminar:

Golconda is the earlier capital city of the Shahi dynasty. The Plague is the killing disease which decided to create another capital city for the Shahi dynasty. Thanks to the rise in disease and scarcity of water within the Golconda capital, shifting the Capital to Hyderabad happens with the increase of attractive Architectures. Charminar may be a square-shaped structure and therefore the city is developed around the Monument. Now, Charminar becomes the heart of the city. According to history people, it is said that, like Taj mahal, Charminar was also built on behalf of beloved Bhagmati, who was the future wife of Qutb Shah. Some historical persons said that the Monument was erected as an emblem of affection. Qutb Shah contrived the Monument on behalf of his wife Bhagmati. 

Architect of Charminar:

To know about the Architect of Charminar we must always return to the 14th Century. Mir Momim Astarabad was a migrant from Astarabad in Persia, Iran. He was from a well educated family and first came to the Deccan plateau of southern India, which was ruled by Bahmani Sultanate in the year 1347. He reached Golconda in the year 1580 and was teaching theology and lecturing in Mosques in the period of Mohammed  Quil Qutb Shah. With his intelligence and hard work, the ruler appointed him as his Peshwa in 1585. He planned and designed the layout of Charminar along with some other architects from Persia. Design inspiration of Charminar is the Tazia or miniature mausoleums carried by the Shia Muslims in the month of muharram. 

Alt: Charminar Beautifully Lighten up.
Pretty Charminar in festive mode night.

Architectural Monument:

Charminar structural monument is made up of limestone, granite, pulverized marble, and mortar. It weighs about . It has been built up as an ideal square-shaped structure that is 20 meters long on each side. Four Minarets are around 56 mtr high. Coming to architecture intelligence we should know about ‘magic of four’ which is represented in ‘The Hindu’. About 22 places of the Monument replicates the ‘magic of four’. Main Minars and arches are in four numbers. Small arches decorated in the main arches are also in number four. Minars are divided into four parts. Domes in the minars are four. The number of entrances are from four directions. It was built by the 4th Qutb Shahi king Quil Qutb. 

The influence of Islamic culture is dominant over the Persian collaboration in the building. Evidence of Persian style can be noted in the Minarets and the fantastic stucco and floral ornamentation over the ceilings and Balconies. The Charminar is embellished by stucco and balustrades with its unique design. Apart from the Islamic style and Persian style researchers say building comprises of  Hindu culture also. The effigies of pigeon, parrot, squirrel and peacock became the Crown for the Architecture which should be mentioned. After the construction of Charminar, the dream city name Bhagyanagar meaning City of fortune was built having palaces, roads, pavilions, water supply systems Bhagyanagar meaning City of fortune was built having palaces, roads, pavilions, water supply systems Bhagyanagar is produced around the Monument., public health centres, schools, fountains, etc. Everything was undertaken by the great scholar Mir Momim Astarabadi. The Badshahi Ashurkhana, Jama masjid, Darulshifa and palaces like Dad mahal, Sajan Mahal, Lal Mahal were made in the new city. After building 14k houses for traders and peoples the new city became the capital of the Kingdom. 

Unknown Facts Of Charminar:

  •  According to researchers, there was an underground tunnel which connects from Golconda fort to Charminar which is the escape route for rulers and family in case of any enemy attacks. 
  • The south-western Minaret was spoiled by Lightning in the period of late 1600 and it was renewed with plastering work during 1824. 
  • The mosque present in the top floor of Charminar is the oldest surviving mosque in the city and is always filled with people for prayer. 
  • Charminar is additionally called ‘Arc de Triomphe’ of the East thanks to its size and shape which replicate the ‘Arc de Triomphe’ situated in Paris. 
  • When Mughal emperor Aurangzeb invaded the town in 1687 he ordered to demolish most of the Monuments, but spared Charminar.
  • The Structure of Charminar is featured within the emblem of Telangana state.
  • One train named Charminar is running between Chennai to Hyderabad so as to honor Charminar by the Indian Government.
  • In 2010, Lindt Chocolatier Adelbert Boucher from Switzerland, made a 50kgs scale model of Charminar replica chocolate so as to portray its architectural designs.
  • In order to understand Charminar we are able to have the book named ‘Charminar in replica of Paradise’ written by Mohammed Abdul Qayyum, retired deputy director from the department of Archaeology and museums.
  • Charminar attracts tourists and is considered in concert of the foremost important Monuments in India.
Hyderabad’s Charminar at its adorable beauty.
Cool click of Elegant Charminar in the lovely morning along with Sun.


Present Charminar:

  • ASI (Archaeological survey of India) is taking the responsibility of Charminar.
  • It is present in the center of present Hyderabad and it is the first and foremost place to visit.
  • Charminar is beautifully lightened up every evening to adore its beauty.
  • Now, the popular Charminar is under an undesired harmful effect due to the increase in trafficking of vehicles, shop vendors, street vendors, etc. 
  • The Government of India has taken serious steps to make tourism an Eco-friendly relation.
  • Charminar is awarded as a UNESCO World heritage site provisional list.
  • In the month of Ramzan, the shops near the Charminar are open until 3am and under festive mode.

-by Selvakumaran

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