The fortress of Kotla or Feroz Shah Kotla is situated at the strategic junction between Old Delhi and New Delhi. Feroz Shah Kotla Fort was constructed by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in 1354. The fort is widely acclaimed for various historical structures like the 3rd century BC Topra Ashokan pillar. Feroz Shah Kotla also houses a circular baoli that shows the unique engineering of the erstwhile people to solve their water crisis. The fort is a holy place due to the presence of Jami Masjid. The mosque aggravates the sanctity of the place. 

The place is known for lush greeneries around amidst the hustle and bustle of Delhi. If you want solidarity and a few moments with yourself, you can visit Feroz Shah Kotla. But you can also come across the Djinns there. A popular belief is that there the fort has djinns who can fulfill your wishes. 

Feroz Shah KotlaThe fort structure stands amidst the ruin

History of Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

Feroz Shah Kotla is the contribution of the 3rd Tuglaq ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, Feroz Shah Tughlaq. The fort was built as Feroz Shah Tughlaq decided to shift his capital from Tughlaqabad to the newly fortified city of Firozabad. Kotla is built on the banks of River Yamuna to solve the water crisis of the erstwhile capital city, Tughlaqabad. Accordingly, the fort was constructed with palaces, mosques, madrasas, and magnificent gardens inside the complex. Feroz Shah Kotla bears the heritage and rich architecture of our glorious past. Kotla is one of the oldest historical structures in Delhi. The fort is built in an asymmetrical polygonal shape. The architects of Feroz Shah Kotla fort were Abdul Hakk and Malik Ghazi.  

What is the Ashokan pillar doing at Feroz Shah Kotla?

An amazing sight at Feroz Shah Kotla is the 13 meters high sandstone structure of the ancient Mauryan era. It is the Topra Ashokan pillar, a three-storied pyramidal structure. The Ashokan pillar was at the Topra Kalan of the Yamunanagar district in Haryana. It was relocated to the Feroz Shah Kotla Fort on the instruction of the Tughlaq Sultan himself. The installation of the stone pillar or lat at the fort complex bears the architectural patronage of Feroz Shah Tughlaq. 

Feroz shah kotlaAshokan pillar at the fort

Visit Feroz Shah Kotla Fort to see the circular baoli

Amidst the ruins of Feroz Shah Kotla, you will find a circular baoli. The baoli or stepwell is northwest of the Ashokan pillar. It is the only circular baoli in Delhi and one of the four baolis wherein the tank is attached to the well. The baoli at the fort is surrounded by lush greenery making the ambiance magnificent. But the awesome structure is inaccessible as most of it collapsed. It is under the supervision of the Archeological Survey of India (ASI). 

Seek peace by praying at Jami Masjid in the fort complex

Jami Masjid inside the Feroz Shah Kotla Fort complex is the biggest and oldest mosque. The mosque is two-storied having cells at its lower level. The courtyard is at a higher level for praying and one needs to climb the massive stairs to enter the courtyard for praying. To date, on every Thursday many people gather at the courtyard to offer their prayers to the Almighty. 

Jami Masjid at Feroz shah kotla

People offering prayer at Jami Masjid

Have you encountered Djinns at Feroz Shah Kotla?

Djinns and Feroz Shah Kotla go well with each other. People gather every Thursday at the fort complex to offer their prayers to the Djinns. They light candles, pray, and even leave letters for the supernatural beings to accomplish their wishes. You can find hundreds of letters of the different believers inside the fort complex. It is comparatively a recent phenomenon as the trend started in 1977. It was during the Emergency era, people started believing that Djinns come down from heaven to Feroz Shah Kotla. The Emergency period was a gloomy era and paved a perfect scope for the neighboring population to seek solace in Djinns. 

Jami Masjid at Feroz shah kotlaStairs leading to Jami Masjid at Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

Feroz Shah Kotla at a glance

Feroz Shah Kotla is a mystic place amidst the crowded city of Delhi. Here you can find peace and solidarity. You will find the Ashokan pillar, the only circular baoli, and the holy Jami Masjid. If you are in Delhi, make it a point to visit Feroz Shah Kotla and witness its serenity from a different perspective. It is open throughout the day from 8.30 AM to 7 PM. Feroz Shah Kotla is in the popular genre due to the adjoining Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium hosting international cricket matches. 

By Shuvendu Modak


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