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  • Pratapgarh is situated in Jhajjar, Haryana which is a great place for family gathering, school picnic. Pratapgarh is a farm which is converted to a picnic spot with lot of activities in it. There are many activities one can totally enjoy; puppet shows, dancing, one can fly colourful kites, pithoo, gulli danda, latoo, cricket, volleyball, etc.
  • Timing of the farm is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. One good thing about this farm is they welcome the guests by putting tikka on their forehead. 


  • Pratapgarh is mostly visited by the nearby ones as a person who is far away cannot visit there easily but everyone can come here and enjoy the real Indian culture. I personally recommend that one should visit this place during October and November as during the summer season, it will be difficult to enjoy at its utmost level. It is extremely hot in the summer season.
  • No night stay is allowed in this farm house as it is totally a day visit. Fee for the entry for adults is Rs 1140 and for children, the entry fee is about rupees 650, and for the children who are below 5 years of age are totally free. In this amount, activities and food for a person is included.

Pratapgarh Haryana farm

Food Menu

  • Breakfast – It is served with poori bhaji, chatni, pickle, dal, lassi. The timing for breakfast on the farm is from 9:30 am to 12:00pm. 
  • Lunch – Tawa roti/tandoori roti which is included in the bread category. Shahi paneer, rajma, kadhi, sarso ka saag, these dishes are counted under vegetables.
  • Dessert – It is generally after lunch. The varieties of desserts available here are gajar ka halwa (carrot’s sweet), suji ka halwa, jalebi. Both lunch and dessert are served between 1:30 to 3:30 pm. Breakfast and lunch are served through a buffet system which is a very famous system in western countries. 
  • One can also have tasty snacks here like samosa, kachori, snacks that are generally served in a combination with tea.
  • Dinner is not provided here as everything gets closed by 5:00 pm.

Activity area

The most important part in this farmhouse is the activity. This area is interesting for both adults who can cherish their own childhood and children who live their childhood. One can play many cultural games like pithoo, gulli danda, etc. 

  • Lawn 1

Archery – it is a famous sport which is played with bow and arrow

Airgun – in this activity, one has to lift the gun and shoot balloons as many as possible

Dart – it is an activity in which a small sharpened needle is thrown towards the round target, of course the DJ music. These types of activities are provided in this lawn.

  • Lawn 2

In this lawn one can enjoy camel rides, camel carts – in which the camels are feeded, pottery – it is a way of making utensils through mud, mehndi – in this some ladies apply mehndi in the hands of the visitors.

  • Lawn 3
  • In this lawn many people’s favourite activity are there like nursery – this farm has developed their own nursery in which some beautiful plants are grown (red lettuce, iceberg lettuce, green lettuce, dog flower, phlox, marigold etc), mud bath – in this, there is a well in which a person can take bath with mud, tube, etc.
  • well bath – same goes for this well, it is created and some amount of water is put into it. People generally bathe in a tube well after taking a bath in mud, it is separate for both ladies and gents so that they can enjoy it fully. Tug of war – it is a competitive sport in which two teams play with the help of rope, the one who pulls the rope first is declared as the winner.
  • Sack race – it is a race in which the person puts his/her legs into the sack and jumps to reach the finishing line, the person who touches the finishing line is declared as the winner. Matka fod – this game is famous during Krishna Jayanti, it is played with a stick, the main motive of the game is break the matka.

Pratapgarh Haryana farm

  • Lawn 4

In this lawn many activities are included. Burma bridge – in which people use their balancing technique to balance through the bridge as water will be under the bridge, badminton, table tennis, ludo, chess, kite flying. Maximum activities here are indoor activities.

  • Lawn 5

In this lawn some favourite activities are being enjoyed here like cricket, volleyball, soccer. Pithoo – it is a game which can be played on streets with seven stones, it is arranged in a decreasing order and the person who tries to keep it in a decreasing order the ball is thrown towards them. Adventure activity which is made up of tyres and the person has to climb upon it.

  • Lawn 6

In this activity some village activities are shown like tractor, bullock cart, goat farm, cow farm, chicken farm. Some common activities in this lawn are also there like swings, slides, seesaw.

Pratapgarh Haryana


  • Pratapgarh farm is a beautiful farm in which all the activities are being played. During the 21st century where everyone is running behind technology, one can come to the farms and teach their own children about the games which parents used to play in their childhood like pithoo, gulli danda, kite flying, etc.
  • Parents and children can spend time with each other on this farm and explore the activities. One can also learn about village culture which most city people are missing.

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