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Trees are the only thing that every living thing in the universe respects and loves. Animals love them for giving them a habitat, fruits, leaves, shade, etc. Humans love them for the shade, oxygen, peacefulness, etc. Today we are going to see about the tree that is famous for its lifetime and its richness. The Banyan tree. Let’s see some of the facts about it.

Banyan’s tree

Banyan's Tree

  • The Banyan tree belongs to the family of Mulberry. It is normally called the Banyan tree, strangler fig, Indian Banyan’s, etc. The tree is said to be deciduous with larger leaves and big. The tree is found near swamps, tropical forests, subtropical forests, gardens, etc. 
  • The tree resembles the little Bonsai tree but it also has normal functioning like other trees. It grows on well-drained sandy loam soils. The tree requires a warm temperature, more water, and moisture for its growth. But the tree can’t able to accept frost temperature.
  • They grow up to a size of 100 feet and their roots grow underground and as well as on the top. The root alone can occupy space up to acres. The trees pollinate the seeds by wasps from one tree to another. Normal air pollination is not possible because the seeds are eaten by birds.
  • The trees can be grown at the house but after the plant reaches 3-5 inches it is recommended to plant it outside in a well-spaced area for its big growth.

Banyan Tree

  • The tree is said to be epiphytic which means the plant that requires another plant’s help for its growth. The pollinators carry the seeds and drop them in between other plants’ stems. The seed absorbs the nutrients from the plant and starts growing.
  • This is why the tree obtains the name Strangler fig. The name Banyan’s was named by the British when the people of bania were always from in groups and talking about business.
  • So they name the tree the banyans tree. The tree makes food using sunlight, water, and moisture by the concept of photosynthesis. By this, they convert carbon-di-oxide into oxygen in the morning and provide us oxygen. 


Bark powder

The tree is used for several purposes. Let’s see some of the uses of the Banyan’s tree.

  • The tree is believed that it has medicinal properties. And yes it is used in Ayurveda medicine.
  • The tree bark can be made into a paste and be used for bleeding gums because of its anti-inflammatory property.
  • Mixing Banyan bark powder in milk can cure diarrhea.
  • The presence of astringent in the Banyan’s tree is used in the ayurvedic treatment for Leucorrhea in women. 
  • The Banyan’s tree fruit has polyphenol properties which act as an antioxidant and prevent free radical formation. By this, it can able to save body cells from damage.
  • The bark of the Banyan’s tree is useful to increase immunity in our bodies.
  • Having 2-3 Banyan fruit daily can maintain a good vision. Because of the presence of vitamins A, C, and E.
  • The presence of antibacterial and antiseptic properties in Banyan’s tree fruit can help reduce respiratory problems. 
  • The presence of Iron in the fruit is useful for reducing the risk of anemia. And it also helps in forming RBC cells.
  • Vitamin B6 in Banyan tree fruit helps improve concentration. Does it may help in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s.
  • The fruit of the Banyan’s tree helps in the blood circulation of the scalp and it helps in hair growth.
  • The Banyan’s tree fruit can able to increase the vitality of men. Soaking the fresh pulp of the fruit in the milk at the night and drinking it in the morning can show some good results.
  • These are some of the medicinal benefits of the Banyan’s tree to the human body. The tree is considered spiritual by many people of India. And some people believe that the Banyan’s tree has good and bad souls roaming around them.
  • And people are accepting the myth of not sleeping under the Banyan tree at night. The reason is that the tree follow photosynthesis in the morning and at night they consume oxygen and give us carbon-di-oxide. 

So let’s grow more Banyan’s trees and increase oxygen, shade, and many medicinal goods for people.

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