The word Jantar is derived from the Hindi word which means ” instrument”, Mantar is derived from the Hindi word which means to “calculate”. It was built during the 18th century in 5 states of India- New Delhi, Jaipur, Ujjain, Mathura, Varanasi. Jantar Mantar in Mathura was destroyed during World War 1 by an aircraft, 4 are there in the whole of India.


It was built by Maharaja Jai Singh 2. Jantar Mantar instruments were Samrat Yantra, Jai Prakash, Hemisphere Dial, Yantra Raj, 12 zodiac signs, Chakra Yantra. Raja had a very good knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, and astrology. The main purpose of Jantar Mantar is to study astronomical tables and predict the time of the day with the help of the sun, moon and other planets.


Samrat Yantra-

It is used to determine local time and Indian Standard Time (IST). It also determines the inclination and declination of the sun and other planets. It is equal to a sundial. It depends on the longitude and latitude. It gives the exact time.


Jai Prakash-

It is a bowl-shaped instrument, which studies the position of the zodiac at a particular time and can easily give information about the zodiac of a person.


Sun Dial-

It is known as the solar watch. It depends on the longitude and latitude. It gives the exact time.


Hemisphere Dial-

It gives information about the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. What phase of earth winter and summer start.


Yantra Raj-

It gives information about 12 horoscopes, 9 planets. It is very accurate to predict.

12 Zodiac Sign-

It gives brief information about zodiac signs according to the degrees of the sun. 

Chakra Yantra-

It defines the time of the sun (inclined or declined). It defines all the short and longest days of the year. 21st March & 21 September- Equal day and night. 21st June- Longest Day & Shortest Day.

22nd September- Shortest Day & Longest Night.



India is the most intelligent country that made all the calculated time, astronomy, horoscopes during the 17th century. It should be preserved well. When most of the world was busy with invasion and war, we Indians have come a long way with all types of knowledge.

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