A group of trainee guides while driving through game reserve were attacked by a sex-driven aggressive elephant. The footage of the scene is horrifying enough to run chills down the spine. The video footage captured the terrified trainees who ran for their lives amidst the wilderness.

A still from the footage.
The aggressive elephant attacking the vehicle.

A group of trainee guides along with Eco Training Guides were driven in two Safari trucks in Selati Game Reserve along the edge of Kruger National Park in South Africa when a sex-driven aggressive six-ton bull elephant charged the vehicle, as reported by the Daily Mail. The students and the instructors had to run for their life.

The sexually aggressive state of the elephant when it attacks is known as “musth”. ‘This behaviour in elephants is generally seen when they are looking to mate’ , as reported by Metro. The testosterone of elephants in the mating season increases about 60 times. The increase in testosterone makes the elephants sexually aggressive and hostile. In the video, when the group approaches the herd, it makes the elephant musth.

The moment captured in the video shows how the aggressive elephant firstly destroyed the bonnet of the 11-seater safari truck like a toy with its tusks and then lifted the vehicle and rolled it over the road.

A vehicle attacked by an elephant.
The elephant charged the safari truck and pushed it off road in South Africa.

The instructor to the trainees who was sitting in the bonnet of the first truck had to jump off it to save his life. The other Training guide from the second vehicle jumped out for the rescue of three female trainees. He was heard shouting “get out, get out, get out!” after the truck rolled and the 13 feet tall beast backed off a bit. The three girls were seen terrified and shocked to death while getting out of the vehicle and running for their lives.

The terrified trainees were taken back to the camp where they were given counselling for the shock. There were no casualties reported but the images of the vehicle post attack showed the heavy destruction of metal in the body of the safari truck. It was crumpled and shredded and even the passenger’s seats were bent.

A damaged Vehicle.
The vehicle damaged by the attack of an elephant in South Africa.

The students were taking part in a course at EcoTraining, a South African school which teaches tour guides and ‘nature guardians’ as reported by Daily Mail. EcoTraining is based at the 18,000 acre Selati Game Reserve which is home to 135 elephants as well as black and white rhinos and lions, leopard and cheetah.


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