Recently the Haryana govt. Announced that shutting down of school from 4 dist. near Delhi NCR due to excessive pollution; namely Gurugram, Faridabad, Sonipat, and Jhajjar.

Image showing the air pollutants;
The pollution around city.

Pollution being the most dangerous problem for delhi and nearby areas for a considerable long period of time despite this there hasn’t been any effective measure proposed by centre or capital. Surely there have been announcements of various schemes and precautionary measures by both the governments but no method or plan had proved to be right. Despite money and resources spent on these schemes and methods, pollution is increasing steadily.

This pollution took a hit on every aspect of human life in the region but amidst the lockdown students had been the worst affected victims.Earlier, the state government had shut down schools from November 15 for a week in these four NCR districts. 

Haryana state pollution control board following directions of  Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM)  has said only online mode of education, except for the purpose of conduct of examinations and laboratory practical, will be allowed in NCR districts.

Why is this problematic?

  • Firstly whenever the govt. schools are closed the most affected chidrens will be from the lower class strata of  the society.
  • It creates digital divide not only between rich and poor but also between urban and village students. Data connectivity is still very poor in many of the areas of these districts.
  • This leads to drop out of childrens it has been observed in many situations that when there is any type of irregularities occur in the education system,child belonging to economically weaker sections is pushed to dropout in order to provide financial assistance in the family.
  • Many farmer families pushed childrens to engage themselves in agricultural activities.
  • Also child dropping out of school may risen up some other relative crimes like child beggary,child labour and sexual harassment ,etc.
  • It damages the moral compass of the personality of students who remained outside of the mainstream knowledge system.
  •  The weak the education systems get the more harm it does for upcoming generation not only in the form of illetary but also increased crime rate,critical thinking,rational behavior, ignorance about human,child and other rights,incapacity to see the bigger picture,limits the field of opportunities due to limited knowledge, falling pray at a very young age to varios evil forces of society as prostitution and exploitation at workplace.

C.S. Kandpal,renowned educationist said that, “the problem of dropout has arisen due to continuous lack of connection of students with schools, teachers, classmates and regular classes for a long time.The problem is even bigger among lower strata of the society.

  • Some estimates also states that  out of two crore students who dropped out of school across the country, more than 20 lakh comes from Delhi alone.and this could be the result of continuous shutdown of school amidst lockdown and then pollution.

Henceforth it can be said that shutting down of school due to pollution is a big ticking alarm for the centre and states that this problem needs to be solved before it becomes the giant compilation of many other  issues.

Supreme court on the matter:

  • The Supreme Court, on Thursday, gave a 24 hour ultimatum to centre, Delhi and other neighbouring states to take action to control pollution in the National Capital Region.
  • The Supreme Court of India on December 2 expressed dissatisfaction with the measures taken by the Delhi government to control air pollution. Pollution levels have increased in Delhi despite the state government claims, the top court said.
  • “We feel that nothing is happening and the pollution keeps increasing… only time is being wasted,” Chief Justice NV Ramana said during the hearing.

Other official statements:

  • The haryana government also banned all construction activities, excepting ones that do not pollute the environment like plumbing work, interior decoration, electrical work, carpentry, and activities exclusively permitted by the CAQM in Delhi and Adjoining Areas. 
  • The order stated that the rules would be strictly implemented in all 14 NCR districts of Haryana till further orders.
  • Following the apex court’s observation, a meeting was convened by the Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) in NCR and adjoining areas.
  • As diesel generator (DG) sets are banned in 14 NCR districts, the power department has been asked to take necessary steps to ensure uninterrupted power supply in these districts to discourage use of DG sets by consumers even in case of emergency,” said Narayana.
  •  Environment Minister Gopal Rai said all schools in Delhi have been closed from December 3 till  further orders, due to current air pollution levels in the city.

-By Pranjali Deshmukh

Content Writer (Erakina By RTMN)


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