EV charging station
Setting up of EV charging stations
  • During the Question Hour, the minister said that first preferences should be given to the express highways, highways, and those cities which have a high density of people. He also suggested that every 25 km EV should be set up on both sides along with long-distance heavy-duty EVs and charging stations at each 100 km on both sides of highways.
  •  Faster Adoption and Manufacturing (Hybrid) Electric Vehicles in India (FAME India)- II authorities have been guided to work in the automation fields to build its first prototype for a fast charging station in ARAI in Pune. Their target is to finish this prototype by next November, according to the minister. They have been allocated the budgetary amount of 10,000 crores for the infrastructure of EV stations. And bring it to the market by the end of December 2022. 
  •  The minister has given the approval of 2,877 EV stations in 68 cities throughout 25 States/ UT and also over 9 expressways and 16 highways containing 1576 charge stations under FAME in India -II.
  • By producing lithium batteries under the Production linked incentive scheme (PLI) of 18,100 crore for this project. “The RFP has been circulated and there is a good response from the industry. We are moving fast towards India self-sufficient.”the minister said. 
  • “ Our ministry along with the ministries of petroleum and power are jointly working towards implementation of FAME India. We are working towards setting up charging stations in 22,000 of total 70,000 petrol pumps across the country and work is on in this regard,” the minister informed the House.

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