Heavy rains cause flooding in Canada and the US after a powerful storm hit the northwest Pacific region.

This one dumped a month’s worth of rainfall in just two days. Some areas faced rainfall of 8 inches (20 cm) Along with the rain, storms and dust caused landslides and mudslides. Scientists have already warned that increasing global warming makes the water temperature even warmer and also increases the rate at which storms occur.

One person is confirmed to be dead, two people are missing and all the rail access to the country’s largest port in Vancouver is damaged. This port is very crucial for Canada’s economy and logistics. It carries around 400 mn USD worth of goods every day ranging from automobiles to essential goods. Canada already faced a drought that affected its agricultural produce and now, the floods will only further devastate it. 

Pipelines were also shut in caution. Huge disruptions to exports occurred after important pipelines, railroads were closed. Citizens of Merritt were asked to evacuate due to a sudden increase in the river water level. Nearly 8,000 members were evacuated while many others were still stuck. Lots of debris accumulated on the roads choking the highways and experts are deployed to clear it. Six months ago, a wildfire occurred in many parts of the British Columbia region of Canada.

Rescue operations by the Royal Canadian Airforce
Helicopters were deployed after all the railroads were cut off due to floods in Canada

The Canadian government announced the deployment of the air force for rescue operation and to assist supply chain lines restoration which was cut off due to debris accumulated after the floods. Military helicopters have already rescued 300 people who were stuck on a highway. A state of emergency was declared, and all the leaders could take measures to reduce the harmful impacts of floods like limiting travel etc., in the city of Abbotsford, farmers declined to be evacuated and protected their cattle.

The total number of people and vehicles displaced are yet to be confirmed. 


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