Andhra Pradesh police destroys ganja worth Rs 1,491.2 crore-Erakina

Under the comprehensive program of Operation Parivarthana, AP police destroyed a cumulative total of 5964.85 acres of crop consisting of 29,82,425 plants with an estimated cost of Rs 1491.2 crore, within just a span of 36 days.

AP police carried out numerous raids in and around agency areas In Andhra Pradesh.

In alignment with technology, enforcement, and intelligence, the police department drafted its action plan to ensure that cannabis cultivation and trafficking are under control throughout the state

.The SEB officials say, In addition to the destruction of cannabis, it also aims to find ways to provide alternative livelihoods for tribal people living in agency areas.

image showing ganja plantation

Since October 31, the operation ‘Parivarthana’ has had a huge impact both in terms of voluntary destruction of ganja from the tribals and behavioral change in them. In order to accomplish this mission, Visakhapatnam police and Special Enforcement Bureau have intensified cannabis destruction efforts, while ensuring that those involved are also persuaded to give up the illegal trade by educating and counselling them parallelly

Moreover, the police department intends to bolster its strategies to combat drug cultivation and trafficking in the days to come


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