Peacocks are counted as birds, they are one of the largest birds. They have the most beautiful feathers in the whole universe.


From ancient times to modern times, peacocks are considered royal. During ancient times they were grown as pets in royal palaces. Peacock is considered as a sacred bird  as peacock was karthikeyan’s personal vahanam in ‘vehicle”.

National Bird

In the year 1963, the peafowl was declared as the national bird by the Indian government.


Facts About Peacock

  • Peacocks are male, peahen is female. Together both males and females are called peafowl.
  • Indian peafowl, green peafowl, and congo peafowl are the species of a peacock.
  • These birds are in vibrant colours like their body is blue, their inner feather is of dark green colour and outer feather is of light green colour.
  • Peafowl eats insects, plants, and small animals which means they are omnivorous.
  • Peafowls are 90-130 cm and their weight is about 4kg-6kg.
  • Peacock’s running speed is about 16km/hr.
  • Peacock’s life span is about 20-24 years of age.
  • Peacocks attain puberty at the age of 15-16 years of age.
  • They generally run at a certain speed and after that, they are in flight.
  • Peacocks generally live in forest and scrubland. They don’t live in dense forests.
  • The scientific name for the peacock is paro cristatus.
  • It is said that peacocks take years to develop their beautiful and colourful feathers.
  • Weird fact is peacocks have beautiful feathers to attract their partners.
  • Peacocks are also a lucky charm for many people.
  • Some peacocks can also live up to 50 years.
  • Crests on their head are different for every peacock, they are considered fingerprints.
  • Peacocks are considered to be very social animals.’
  • Peahens lay 6 eggs at a single time.
  • Baby peafowl and baby peacocks are called baby chicks.
  • It is said that peacocks can behave violently for defensive purposes.


It is a place which is a manmade reserve for animals or birds. By this idea, many endangered species are being saved.

Crests on peacock's head

Peacock Sanctuary

In this type of sanctuary, many peacocks are being reserved and protected. Most peacocks are in Jammu and Kashmir, east Assam, and south Mizoram. The first peacock sanctuary in India is Chollanu Kerala- Palakkad district. Most of the peacocks are found in countries like India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. 

Peacock Sanctuaries in India

Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary

Peacock sanctuary is in Karnataka. It was converted to a sanctuary in the year 2006.

Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary

This peacock sanctuary in Kerala Palakkad district which was converted into a sanctuary during the 90s.

Viralimalai Peacock Sanctuary

This peacock is in Trichy, Tamilnadu. This place is also famous for lord karthikeyan’s.

Adichum Channagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

In this peacock are also found with other species that are animals and birds. This wildlife sanctuary is in Karnataka.

Naygaon Mayur Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is in Maharashtra. Peacocks can be found with other species like birds and animals.

Peacock Wildlife Sanctuary


 As we all know that peacocks are counted as birds, they are one of the largest birds. They have the most beautiful feathers in the whole universe. The blog is about peacocks which have very beautiful green and blue feathers. Peacocks are our national bird so this is the reason that they are not killed to the extent that other animals are being killed or being endangered. Peacock was declared a national bird in 1963. We have discussed- the introduction, history, national bird, facts about peacock, sanctuary, peacock sanctuary, and sanctuaries. In India, sanctuaries are bankapura peacock(Karnataka) sanctuary, choolanur peacock sanctuary ( Palakkad), viralimalai wildlife sanctuary(Trichy), adichum channagiri wildlife sanctuary(Karnataka) ,naygaon mayur wildlife sanctuary(Maharashtra).  I would suggest everyone to visit one of the nearest peacock sanctuaries to them so that they can admire the beauty of the giant bird, a peacock with blue and green feathers, which is lovely to admire.

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