Palash sherbet’s main ingredient is Palash leaves. The Palash flower looks like a flame. Palash leaves is generally used for medical purposes in ancient times. Palash sherbet is mainly an extract of the leaves. 


The Palash flower is orange in color and looks like a flame of fire. Every part of the tree has its uses. Palash bark is used for wounds and cuts. Dried leaves are used for rashes and paste of flowers is used to cure joint pain. Fruits can be consumed regularly and can prevent a person from piles and constipation.

Palash Sherbet


Ingredients for Tea

Dry Palash flowers, sugar/ black salt/ pepper, fennel seeds, cumin powder, water, lemon juice, and mint leaves.

Recipe for Tea

Keep 5 glasses of water in a big bowl and soak all the ingredients(dry Palash leaves, fennel seeds, cumin) into it. Keep this for 4 to 5 hours so that the flower loses its color and makes the water red. After this add lemon juice, black salt, cumin powder, pepper, and mint leaves and stir it well so that it becomes a delicious one. Nowadays we can drink it ready-made. That means no need to get worried about the ingredients and proper recipe. 

Palash Sherbet



  • Palash leaves paste helps to cure the vaginal infection. It can also cure white or yellowish discharge.
  • Paste of Palash seeds is used to reduce the itching of the skin.
  • Paste of seeds is used during menstruation so that women can heal quickly.
  • Palash flowers are used for sherbet so that the person can be relieved from urine problems.
  • Palash leaves are also used for reducing the excessive itching of the eyes.
  • Palash leaves and flowers are also used for our skin. If a person puts on a pack of leaves and flowers daily, he/she can get a glow of skin and prevent pimples. One can add rose water to Palash leaves so that one can get ridden of pimples on their face.
  • If palash sharbat is consumed, one can have a good digestion process.
  • Palash flowers can also treat liver damage or liver disorder and can treat kidney stones.
  • Palash leaves can improve the level of testosterone, which means it helps to improve fertility in men.
  • Palash leaves are very useful for both men and women during intercourse. It is generally consumed with milk during this time.
  • Palash leaves are very good for hair health as it reduces dandruff.
  • Through this sherbet one can also get rid of worms in the stomach, these worms can also get into the brain of a person.
  • An interesting fact about the Palash flower is it doesn’t have any fragrance which we can smell.
  • Palash tree is mostly found in colder regions that are in Himalayan regions and some places like Himachal, and Chandigarh can be found there.

Other names for Palash

Butea monosperma, bastard peak, dhak, tesk, kimsuka, raktapuspakka, kulchra, kesudo, khakcharu, muttery, muttala, plasu, camata, plas, chamatha, purasu, paras, moduga, modugu, chettu, palas papda.

.Palash Sherbet

Palash Leaves

 Tips for making Palash Sherbet

One can easily make Palash sharbat as it is nowadays can be found readymade. Otherwise, to make it at home it is as simple and after the same process to make it a sherbet just cool it for a while so that person can enjoy it to the full extent of taste. It gives so much energy to the person that one can consume it daily.


The blog is about Palash sherbet – introduction, about, ingredients for tea, recipe,  benefits, other names for Palash, and tips for making Palash sherbet. Benefits for Palash in a whole that is leaves, seeds, and flowers. In a whole it is useful for digestion, hair fall can be prevented easily, very useful during intercourse, it can surely increase the glow of the skin and one can also get ridden of the pimples, it can be the cure for itchiness, it is useful for women who are in their menstruation time, kidney problems can also be prevented through it. Overall, it is very useful for the whole body.



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