Anantnag is the district headquarter of Anantnag district in the newest union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. After Jammu and Srinagar, Anantnag city is the third most populous settlement. Anantnag is also known as Islamabad named after the erstwhile Mughal governor, Islam Khan. The Hindus and Sikhs living there prefer the name ‘Anantnag’ while their Muslim counterparts prefer ‘Islamabad’. Anantnag is famous for its array of tourist destinations and centrally, strategic position making it the economic hub of Jammu and Kashmir. Anantnag is known for its beautiful and panoramic landscapes that attract not only domestic travellers but international tourists also. 

Anantnag Pahalgam, the enthralling location in Anantnag

Some facts about Anantnag

  • Anantnag district is one of the ten districts in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir having Anantnag city as its administrative headquarters. 
  • Anantnag is a traveller’s paradise due to its moderate climate. The summers are quite mild making it a preferred getaway for the city dwellers to relieve themselves from the cruel heat.  
  • Anantnag is dotted with places of vivid tourist interest. So whenever you imagine Kashmir valley, the picturesque location of Anantnag flashes in front of your eyes. 
  • For Hindu devotees, Anantnag is a must-visit for the Amarnath Caves. As per Hindu beliefs, Lord Shiva dropped various snakes from his hair at this place. Hence the name – Anantnag. It is a Sanskrit word. Ananta means many while Nag means snake. 
  • The place is equally religiously significant for Muslims having several shrines in the region. Hazrat Baba Reshi clicks in mind. 
  • Anantnag is famously called the “land of countless springs”. Many springs crisscross the territory making it a beautiful place on the lap of Kashmir valley. 

Places to visit in Anantnag

Amaranth Caves

Amarnath cave is the heavenly abode of Lord Shiva. Pilgrimage to the holy shrine is in its full swing during the rainy season – July and August or Shravan, the rainy month in the Hindu calendar. Devout Hindus across the world undertake the arduous trekking of 13,000 feet to pay homage to the Holy Amarnath shrine. Every year millions of pilgrims visit the Amarnath caves. It is a mixture of wanderlust for nature and the quest for spiritualism.  

Anantnag Image of the Holy Amarnath Shrine in Anantnag


Whenever you imagine Kashmir, the image of Pahalgam appears in your mind. It is a well-known health resort in Jammu and Kashmir situated amidst lofty mountains and evergreen forests. The pleasant weather in Pahalgam makes it popular among those holidaying to spend a couple of days in the beautiful Kashmir valley. Pahalgam serves as the transit camp en-route the trek to the Holy Amarnath Shrine. The place is well-connected through air, roads, and railways. 


Anantnag is known for its sparkling springs and Achabal is the most notable spring enriching the beauty of the place. The Achabal Spring flows through the garden making it a heavenly sight. This garden was one of the favourite possessions of Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Locals and tourists flock to the Mughal garden to spend quality time with their acquaintances or have some time with nature. 


Verinag is another exquisite Mughal garden in Anantnag. The blue-water spring running down the garden is a beautiful sight that transforms the visitors into another world. Verinag is just 26 kilometres away from Anantnag town. If you think of Mughal gardens in the Kashmir valley, you find the octagonal pavement of Verinag in the advertisements. There is a tourist bungalow and some huts if the visitors want to spend a night over there. 

The beautiful Mughal garden of Verinag in AnantnagThe beautiful Mughal garden of Verinag in Anantnag


Kokernag is another health resort located amidst the lap of the beautiful Kashmir valley in Anantnag. The surrounding hills are crowded with evergreen pine trees and various kinds of shrubs. You will hear the music of running water of the nearby spring “Kokernag”. The place derives its name from the spring. Kokernag is widely acclaimed to have the biggest trout rearing farm in Asia. 

Besides the above famous sites, Anantnag has lots of other places of interest –

  • Aishmuqam Shrine
  • Ziarat Baba Hyder Rishi
  • Kherbawani Asthapan
  • Martand Sun Temple
  • Sinthan Top

AnantnagWater flowing through Kokernag spring in Anantnag

The bottom line on Anantnag

Anantnag is well-connected through roads, railways, and air with the rest of the country. The accessibility of the territory makes it a widely visited place in the Kashmir valley. The best time to visit Anantnag is from June to August during the summers. The temperature in the Kashmir valley was quite pleasant at that time making for sightseeing in different places in Anantnag.

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