The environment and human beings affect each other in the movement of life and earth. Moreover, the earth won’t persist for a long period if there is no impact of the environment on the human population and vice versa. So, how do humans impact the environment? This human population impact the environment and their surroundings in both positive and negative manner. In this blog, let us take a look at the important impacts of humans on the environment. 

Overpopulation, Global warming, Reforestation

People walking on the road (Japan)

Why do humans impact the environment?

As human beings are carrying out their life process physically and biologically connected to the environment, an action of one of these two causes a reaction on the other. It is like how a single entry affects two accounts in accountancy. So, this double development as I would mention is simultaneously happening even though a particular task is not taking place. To be precise about a particular impact of overpopulation, the earth has limited resources of land whereas the human population is growing at an unhealthy rate around the world. So automatically, an increasing number of humans on limited land not only causes problems in other’s life but also in the environment. The resource gets consumed at a faster rate and the population density increases. The process of sustainable development is also affected by this. So, this is how the impact takes place.

Common impacts of the human population on the environment

Global Warming

Icebergs melting due to global warming

Positive impacts of human beings on the environment

You have read the major environmental problems caused by the human population above but there are some positive aspects too. The environment is helped and conserved in some ways as a result of human activities. 

Reforestation is the planting down of a huge number of trees and reforming the forest areas with vegetation cover. This action positively impacts the environment and also prevents soil erosion.

There are a lot of positivities in carrying out agricultural activities. It results in the cultivation and supports various living organisms as well. 


Cultivation in mountain landscape

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