Known for scenic meadows, lakes, and mountains, the valley lies 12 km away from Pahalgam, enriching Kashmir tourism with its breathtaking beauty!

picturesque Aru valley

Mist, snow, and adventure

snow covered Aru valley

horse riding in the valley

Located in the trans-Himalayan region, the valley adorns misty surroundings along with the canopies of coniferous forests. The pristine scenic village lies amid the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas that make it a picturesque destination. Despite being the smallest hill station in the state, the valley features several interesting activities like trekking, hiking, and horse riding.

Serenity amid the meadows

 lush green meadows in the valley

The valley forms a natural base camp for trekking to the Kolahoi Glacier and Tarsar Lake. The breathtaking beauty of the valley is backed by serene grasslands amid which the village is nestled. The valley lies along the banks of the Aru river which adds more to the serenity while the rich biodiversity of the valley can be experienced at the Overa- Aru Biosphere Reserve. So, if you are both a leisure seeker and an adventure lover the beautiful valley is an excellent choice for you!

Weather twist amid the mesmerizing mix

The winters in Aru valley are snow bound, the mercury levels going below sub-zero level. The region receives fresh snowfall that covers the hilly terrains. Winters in Aru valley cater to the skiing desires of the tourists while the summers are warm with intermittent rainfall. It can be described as cool but not chilly. Snow is found at high altitudes in summer. Monsoons are scanty in the valley. The valley lies to the east of Srinagar and is accessible via road through Pahalgam. The road trip is quite alluring with snow-capped peaks and lush green slopes.

Exploring nature on foot!

Yes, one can simply explore nature on foot in the valley. The villagers depend largely on tourism. They are quite hospitable to the visitors and can speak multiple languages. They have great concern regarding their environment and indulge in cleaning by themselves. The tourist bungalow in the valley is the best to stay as it provides the entire view of the valley but there are other budget hotels as well.

Savoring Khawa in the valley!

khawa drink

Khawa is a herbal tea found in Kashmiri households that helps fight chills. Cardamoms, cloves, cinnamon, and saffron are infused together for a rich flavor and health benefits. On adding milk, the tea develops a pinkish tinge. It can be consumed without milk also. 

Glaciers, meadows, and biosphere reserves – things to do in the valley

kolahoi glacier

The Kolahoi glacier offers trekking to the visitors while the Lidderwet meadow is the perfect place to relax. It leads to the twin lakes of Marsar and Tarsar that offer quality time in the lap of nature. Winters turn the valley into a skiing paradise. The rich biodiversity of the valley is protected within the Aru biosphere reserve. It holds trees like Cedrus, deodar, pinus, and conifers while animals like Musk deer, leopards,serow, and gray langur shall be spotted. Plants with medicinal values are also adorned by the biosphere reserve.

The beauty of the surreal valley enchants the tourists all year round. Being in proximity with Srinagar and on the route to Amarnath pilgrimage, the valley enjoys a large number of footfalls. The serenity it offers is indeed worth all the hype!

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