About Charar-e-Sharief

  • Charar-e-sharief is regarded as one of the holiest Muslim shrines in Jammu and Kashmir. The shrine is approximately six hundred years old. It is famously known as Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Wali. The shrine is visited by a lot of people who belong to different religions and is a symbol of secularism. The shrine was made to memorialize Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani, who was a Sufi saint.
  • Sheikh’s life is full of legend and tails. 

About Charar-e-sharief Sheikh Noor-ud-Din 


  • Sheikh Noor-ud-Din started Rishism in the valley for the first time. Sheikh Noor-ud-Din taught non-violence, vegetarianism, communal harmony, and tolerance to the people of the valley. Sheikh Noor-ud-Din apart from preaching made various contributions in the form of verses and poetry, and even philosophy.
  • His followers gave him various names like Sheikh-ul-Alam, Alamdar-e-Kashmir, Sarkhel-e-Rishiya. After two days of the death of Sheikh Noor-ud-Din, it is estimated that around nine lakh followers had gathered to take part in the funeral procession. Charar-e-sharief serves as the resting place of Sheikh Noor-ud-Din and his remains were buried at Charar-e-sharief.

The Ruination of the shrine

Sheikh noor ud din noorani

                                                                                                      Sheikh noor ud din noorani Kashmir India Asia

  • The shrine Charar-e-sharief has been ruined twice in the past, In 1995, the conflict between Indian Troops and Mujahideen resulted in a tragic event. A fire erupted because of the conflict between Indian Troops and Mujahideen, around one thousand houses and five hundred shops burnt down and were compromised, a lot of property and lives were lost in the incident.
  • Though the shrine took a lot of damage, it still holds the essence and values of the place. In 2015, unknown attackers threw a grenade in protest of Sufi Muslims using the shrine for praying, in the event ten devotees were injured brutally

Charar-e-Sharief - Shrine of Secularism


  • Charar-e-sharief is a six hundred-year-old shrine and is considered one of the holy shrines. It is a symbol of secularism as a lot of people from Hindu and Muslim, and other religions visit the place often. The shrine was made to memorialise the Sufi saint Sheikh Noor-ud-Din.
  • He was the one who started Rishism in the valley and gained a lot of followers and preached non-violence, communal harmony, vegetarianism. The shrine has been destroyed a couple of times because of conflicts but still stands strong and many people visit the shrine which serves as a resting place for the remains of Sheikh Noor-ud-Din. 

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