Purana Qila, the word represents “old fort” that is located in Delhi. It is a fort that acts as a monument of India. The fort was built by Humayun the Mughal emperor and later on, it was developed by Sher shah after the death of Humayun. Mughals are the people art lovers who have more creative ideas and the capital to build. Let’s see some of the facts about Purana Qila and how was it before and now.


An entrance inside Purana Qila

An entrance inside Purana Qila

The Purana Qila is believed that it is built on the same site as Indraprastha of Mahabharata. The fort is built in an immense defensive strategy, beauty, and classic way. The walls are built under the supervision of Humayun. The fort consists of three gates they are Bada Darzawa in the west, Humayun gate, and Talaqi gate or forbidden gate. Bada Darzawa is the gate used by tourists now. The height of the gate consists of 18 meters in height. Doors are double-storeyed with defense tricks like weapons hidden inside them and accompanied with sandstone. Talaqi gate is a gate that is not opened often because it is considered forbidden. The gate has an inscription of a man fighting a Lion. It is said to be forbidden because it is the way only the king and his family uses to enter the harem. Humayun was building is another capital in Din Panah, after Sher Shah defeated Humayun he took control of the fort.


The fort is been a talk from the past till today because of its architecture and the infrastructure of the place. The Marble finishing, the balconies, and the construction of pavilions make the fort look classy. The plan of luxury and defense shows the creativity of the Mughals. The infrastructure of the fort is enclosed in a rectangular area and it covers an area of 1.5 km. The Mosque inside the fort contains five doorways that represent the design of Indo-Islamic architectural style. Sher Mandal is an octagonal tower with a double-storeyed structure that was started building in the time of  Babur for his son to use as a library. But Babur’s death made the construction stop. Then continued by his son, and after the death of Humayun Sher Shah, updated the building. This is where Humayun died by falling from the building and died after a few days.

Purana Qila today:

The architectural brilliancy of Purana Qila is now lost its fame because of the inhabitation of the place. The entrance of the fort looks as it is but the internal structures have lost their form because of the time, nature, and lack of maintenance. The bathhouse is a little damaged and the pipe system is damaged too. But the fort doesn’t lose its fame and it is still an architectural marvel. The fort is now used for light and sound shows for entertaining the tourists. The old tools, paintings, and inscriptions are stored in a museum inside the fort. 

These are the facts and information about the Mughals Purana Qila and their history.

By Mukesh Kumar U M


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