Indian civilization is a mystery for future generations because of the brilliant minds of the people in the past. Indian great minds like the freedom fighters and the literates expressed their passion in their work for the country India. Likewise, the governor of India Warren Hastings come up with a plan of contingency for the famine. 


building in the evening time

During the time 1770, a terrible famine was started and the people of Patna don’t know how to survive and many people died because of starvation. To overcome this situation the Governor-General Warren Hastings ordered to build the Golghar for the British army. So they started building the Golghar and started to save the grain in case of a shortage of food material. The “Gol Ghar” rounded house. They build a building that can withhold 140000 tonnes of grains. But they didn’t fill the building because it is said that the building plan has a flaw that the doors can be closed from inside and not from outside. It is believed that if the grains have filled the door can’t be opened to use the grain. They built this building with a staircase of 145 steps in a spiral way. The spiral steps are used for the workers to climb quickly to the top.

The height of the building is measured to be 29 meters and its size is 125 meters. The walls contain a 3.6 m wide and the building walls support well without any pillar support. The Golghar building turns out to be the masterpiece of the architects and the engineer’s work. The building took 30 months to complete. The Golghar of 1786 is now a tourist place in India for people. 

The Oval-shaped Golghar which is at Gandhi Maidan in Patna is not only a masterpiece it is a natural beauty for Patna. From the top of the building, the viewer can experience a panoramic view of the Patna and the river Ganga. The top of the building gives a silent experience with a beautiful view. The surrounding of Golghar is full of greenery. The clean environment and the silent ambiance make it a perfect tourist spot. People can reach Golghar by reaching Patna in any transportation. It is around 10km from every transportation center. The renovation work is under process by the government of the Golghar building. The Golghar become one of the important places in Patna. The architectural style of the building is “Stupa”, and the architect is “Captain John Garstin”. 

Some of the people opposed building the granary, Captain Robert Kyd argued for not building the granary. He was in the plan of making the place into a Botanical garden to grow more food. But finally, the granary was built after consideration. The distance between Golghar and Patna is 3km. The distance from the railway station to Golghar is 8km. And the Airport to Golghar is 7.5 km.

The inside of the granary is now not used as grain storage. Now it is totally explorable place for the public to see what was it like the buildings of the past. The government decided to make the place into a small area with seating arrangements for the enjoyment of the tourists. The Laser show is performed inside the granary by doing laser video stories that are conveyed in Hindi. The surrounding inside the granary and the sound effect make it a more thrilling experience for the viewers.

By Mukesh Kumar U M


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