Valley of beauty, Nubra valley is situated to the north of Leh, organic process Khardung La pass, the best motorable road in the world. The name of the valley originated from the word ‘Ldumra’ which within the Ladakhi language, means an ‘orchard or a garden’. Aptly so, Ldumra does justice in defining the luxurious green valley stuffed with gardens and orchards, nestled within the high snow-clad mountains. The villages of Nubra valley are situated at the banks of the Shayok river which originates from the Karakoram Mountains and merges into the river. The opposite important river within the valley is Siachen, which derives its name from the Siachen glacier. These rivers drain the full expanse of Nubra.

Nubra Valley

Apart from the breathtaking natural view, a fantastic thing about it is its high ice peaks, desert plains, forests and rivers, etc. Like other regions of Ladakh, the Buddhist monasteries of Nubra have their interesting history and legends of origin. The intricate thangkas, paintings, rock carvings and also the annual monastic festivals are the most attraction for the tourists. If you’re of the adventurous type, you’ll try white-water rafting and kayaking within the thrilling Shayok River.

Let’s dive into the blog to know more about Nubra and its varied attractions.

Khardung La Pass

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While riding towards the North-East of Leh, you may come across the chance to ride through the best motorable road in the world with its ultimate point being Khardung La pass at 5,602 meters above water level. Descending the pass, the primary Nubra village you’ll reach is Khardung village with a few households. As recently as 2008, the Khardung La route was the only real access to Nubra. However, later, an alternate road was built via Wari La pass of Sakti village.

Being the best point of the trip, Khardung La has become an unmissable attraction for tourists. They create absolute light here and stay awhile feeling the altitude, chilly wind and therefore the panoramic expanse of Leh beneath. Needless to mention, the spot turns into memorabilia for the visitors. They click pictures and videos of the breathtaking backdrop of lit blue air, high ice peaks and vibrant strings of prayer flags.

In case you think about medical support at such a high altitude? Don’t worry. You may find a dispensary, just in case of a requirement for urgent medical attention. Some small eateries also make your journey comfortable, providing tea and snacks to replenish your spirit.

Diskit Monastery

Diskit is the administrative headquarter of the Nubra valley region. It hosts the oldest and largest monastery within the whole valley. Diskit monastery was founded by the renowned Lama Jangsem Sherab Zangpo in the 14th century. The grand structure sits on top of a hill, providing an impressive view of the valley with the serpentine Shayok River flowing leisurely through the plains.

The massive 32-metre high statue of Gyalwang Chamba is the most famous and valuable structure in Nubra valley. The monastery contains a clean and comfy guest house at an inexpensive rate. You’ll spend an evening within the monastery, catch up with the canonical hour session of monks and meditate within the main temple. The magnificent monastery, a sprawling market and also the hub of office complexes make the place the busiest within the valley.

Best time to go to Nubra valley

Scenes at Nubra Valley

The enchanting fantastic thing about Nubra is best explored from May to October when the valley is borne with green fields, lush meadows and orchids ripe with apricots and apples. The wildflowers blossom during this season, covering large expanses of mountains and plateaus in a blanket of assorted colours and fragrances. These months are soothingly breezy as compared to the other colder months of the year. Just in case you’re game, you’ll also aid with the farming activities and family chores of your hosts. Don’t hesitate to ask them for a chance to experience village life real close!

However, in case you’re occupied during the above-mentioned months, April is additionally a decent time to explore Nubra. Thanks to its lower altitude than other regions of Ladakh, the place remains pleasant during the month. However, a number of your days might end up hot with harsh sun and nights cold. It’s always advisable carrying warmers to address the fluctuating temperatures.

Nubra valley remains accessible even in the winter. Thanks to its strategic importance, the military keeps Khardung La open around the year. If you wish to explore Nubra in winter, do keep two to 3 days of a buffer. Just in case of heavy snowfall, it takes some days for the pass to reopen. However, allow us to assure you that winter in Nubra could be a surreal sight of snow-covered mountains and deserts that you simply would cherish at all times.

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