In Haryana’s Karnal district, Karna Lake is a popular tourist attraction. It is 125 kilometres from both Chandigarh and Delhi and hence serves as a halfway point on the famed Grand Trunk Road that connects the two cities. According to legend, Karna, a well-known Indian historical figure who played a key part in the Mahabharat war, bathed in this lake. Indra, the Godfather of Arjuna, Karna’s arch-enemy, received his protective armour from him at this location. Karnal’s name is thought to come from the word Karna-Taal, which means “Karna Lake.”


On the Delhi-Amritsar route, Karna Lake is located 5 kilometres north of Karnal. The waterfront of Karna Lake has been beautifully manicured with tourism facilities. Highway travellers and Karnal residents frequent the resort, which offers picnic areas on the lake’s lawns. Motel, family huts, restaurant, bar, conference hall, boating lake, gift store, and dormitories are all available. The following are the major draws: The Kala Amb memorial, an obelisk commemorating the third battle of Panipat, is one of the few points of interest in the area.

Flowers and grass are seen along the lakeside with mountains in the background

View of the mountains and a lake with flowers along the lakeside


This lake is thought to have been utilised for bathing by Karna, a renowned Indian figure. In the Mahabharata war, he played a significant part. He decided to offer Indra his protective armour while standing on the banks of this lake. Karna has commemorated in the form of a lake as well as a city. Karna-Taal (Karna Lake) is another name for the lake.

Places to visit 

In Karnal, the Karna Lake is a must-see. It is a popular picnic spot as well as a popular midway rest stop for motorists on this route. Swings and rides for children can be found on the grounds surrounding the lake. A multi-cuisine restaurant and bar are available for visitors at the Karna Lake Tourist Complex. To purchase souvenirs, there is also a gift shop. Visitors love the lake’s boating activities. You can expect to see ducks in the background of the serene lake for a small fee.

Lake with mountains reflection on the surface

Mountain reflecting in a lake

The serene Karna Lake Tourist Complex is situated next to the famed Oasis Fast Food. The major point of interest is a man-made lake. Along the water’s edge, the complex has been exquisitely manicured. Visitors can dine at a multi-cuisine restaurant, drink in a bar, and buy souvenirs. With its boating attraction, Karna Lake captivates all. Highway travellers and those who enjoy picnicking on the lake’s lawns frequent the area. The lake view rooms and suites are the ideal starting point.

What is the best way to get to Karna Lake?

Both Delhi and Chandigarh are 124 kilometres away from Karnal. As a result, Karnal Lake serves as a midway stop for visitors travelling on the popular Grand Trunk Road between the two cities. Karnal Railway Station is 10.7 kilometres away from Karna Lake. The Karnal Bus Stand is 6.2 kilometres from Karna Lake. To go to Karna Lake, take an auto-rickshaw or a local bus once you are in Karnal. You can also hire a cab or a private taxi as an alternative.

lake view in the middle of mountains

Clouds, mountains and lake in the view

Near the Karna Lake, there are a few options for lodging

The Karna Lake Tourist Complex offers lake-view rooms and suites. In this facility, there are a total of 70 rooms. It is possible to check the availability of rooms online. They also offer free WiFi and a complimentary breakfast every day of your stay. A 24-hour front desk, laundry services, air conditioning, and a meeting centre are among the hotel’s additional amenities. To learn about check-in and check-out times, contact the hotel management.


Karnal is best visited during the winter months, between October and March. The weather is beautiful and suitable for sightseeing, with temperatures ranging between 4°C and 25°C. The sky is generally clear, and visibility is excellent during the day. However, for a few hours in the morning, fog may obstruct visibility. Because the nights may become excessively cold, it is recommended that you bring woollens. Moderate rainfall refreshes the landscape throughout the monsoon months of July and September. The monsoon is the greatest offseason time to visit Karnal, even though it may prevent travellers. Summer is the worst time to visit Karnal because of the oppressive heat. The temperature rises to 44°C, making travel difficult.



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