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Tapti River: History, Facts & significance-Erakina

Tapti is one of the major rivers in the central part of India. Tapti is the ancient Sanskrit name of the river which is also popular as Tapi. The name Tapti comes from the name of Surya or Sun god’s daughter Tapati which means “burning one”. This river flows through three states in peninsular India, Maharashtra, Gujrat, and Madhya Pradesh. The river’s origin is Multai in Madhya Pradesh, flows parallel to the Narmada River, and drains into the Arabian sea. Purna, Panjhra, and Girna are three tributaries of Tapti that flows in the state of Maharashtra.

A boat in the middle of a river with trees in the background

Sutlej River-Erakina

Introduction The Sutlej River (sometimes spelled Satluj River) is the largest of the five rivers that flow through the famed crossroads region of Punjab, India, and Pakistan. The river flows through Pakistan, passing through the Vindhya Mountain Range to the north, the Hindu Kush division of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges to the south, and the …

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Narmada River

Narmada River-Erakina

Introduction  Narmada River during daytime The Narmada River, also known as Nerbada or Nerbudda, is the third-longest river that runs entirely within India, after the Godavari River, the Ganga River, and the Krishna River. Ptolemy, a Greek geographer from the second century CE, named the river Namade. The Narmada River is 1,289 kilometers (801 miles) …

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Karna Lake

Introduction In Haryana’s Karnal district, Karna Lake is a popular tourist attraction. It is 125 kilometres from both Chandigarh and Delhi and hence serves as a halfway point on the famed Grand Trunk Road that connects the two cities. According to legend, Karna, a well-known Indian historical figure who played a key part in the …

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Yamuna River

Yamuna River -Erakina

The Yamuna has become one of the world’s most polluted rivers. Due to the massive amount of debris, dust, and untreated filth that has fallen right into the Yamuna river, the main tributary of India’s most pious river, Ganga, appears not only stagnant but rotten. A beautiful morning at Yamuna ghat, Delhi About The Yamuna …

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The Hooghly River-Erakina

Introduction The Hooghly River brings so many people together by keeping them at a safe distance and providing them with an incentive to interact through a simple give-and-take approach. It provides a means for many families to keep employed by providing several job opportunities due to its industrial significance. The river is currently endangered due …

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