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Everything we do in our day-to-day life is affecting our planet and creating a bad impact on the environment. As the population is growing, the demand for food and industries has increased too. But this doesn’t mean we need to stop eating or doing the activities required for need. The only thing we have to do to lessen the environmental burden is just to live a sustainable life.¬†

Sustainable living means reducing the use of the earth’s resources. It can be done by making small changes in our daily life like using eco-friendly materials, limiting the amount of energy use, saving water, changing diet plants, and many more.


List of different ways to have a sustainable environment 

Wind turbine


The growth in the human population has led to an increase in the consumption of resources. The greater greenhouse emission and deforestation have affected the environment in several ways and the planet earth is reaching a breaking point. So, we have to be environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. We can protect our earth by using fewer energy resources, recycling usable materials, etc.

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