Nungu sherbet

  • As individuals immersed in several tasks, we always strive to strike that perfect balance, and somehow nature already exists in a balancing way. While forcing us to go through the varied temperatures, each season simultaneously offers specific ways to beat the constraints.
  • Summer heats in a tropical country drain every inch of our energy, but the seasonal fruits available at that time help to sustain us. One such most loved natural coolant obtained from the palm trees is nungu or ice apple (Borassus flabellifer).

Ice apple served on a plate

Fruit of palm tree- ice apple

About Nungu sherbet

  • Palm trees are grown mainly in Southeast parts of Asia, and India, it’s commonly available in Southern regions. The tree grows up to a height of 30 metres.
  • The leaf structure may seem like coconut, but the arrangement is fan-like. They are dioecious- which means based on the floral structures, we can call them male and female plants.
  • The fruit is black; inside, it contains white jelly seeds covered in a brown husk located specifically in a seed socket. It takes longer for the plant to grow, but a single plant can last up to 100 years.

Interesting point

When the plant is fully grown, the top shoots can be tapped, and the juice extracts from it are collected with the pots tied to it. Initially tasting sweet with a cooling effect, after a while, fermentation kicks in to make it sour, making it a natural beverage. 

Palm tree bearing numerous fruit

Inside that hardness lies the tender ice apple

Top 4 step for  Nungu sherbet

  • During the summer season, nungu sherbet is sold on the streets from point to point so that consumers can have this natural refreshing drink better than the water. It is also effortless to prepare at home.
  • Step 1 – Palm fruit needs to be cut open to collect the ice apples from each socket. According to the people served and preferences, respective amounts need to be taken.
  • Step 2 – Collect them in the bowl after peeling the outer skin (brown tan coloured); white jelly substance is taken and smashed. When smashed, along with the pulp. Additionally, water can be added to make it up to the volume.
  • Step 3 – Nannari syrup (a product developed from the roots of Nannari – a herbal plant), also considered a summer coolant drink, is added along with an ounce of lemon juice.
  • Step 4 – All the constituents are mixed and served in glasses.[Nungu sherbet](As the sherbet already provides coolness, adding ice to it is entirely optional.)

Nungu sherbet in the glass

Nungu sherbet is ready to be served

Health aspects of Nungu

  • Usually, the fruit is consumed directly or can be made into sherbet. Any other way it is a bundle of health packed within and served. Tired drinking a lot of water to quench your thirst?
  • In the middle of summer, the new year’s resolution to ‘stay away from carbonated drinks’ feels like a big mistake, and is it about to be crushed?Ice apple to your rescue.
  • Not only satisfies your thirst, but the nutrient-rich coolant also gives you instant energy. The sodium and potassium in it helps you maintain the electrolyte balance and prevent dehydration.[Nungu sherbet]

Take care of the stomach

Consumption of nungu will make digestion easy as a solution to constipation. It is safer for even pregnant women to avoid nausea and stomach-related ailments.

Remedy for Rashes 

  • Huge sweating conditions will lead to skin rashes commonly found on the back of the body. Itchiness and reddening of the skin with puffiness are observed.[Nungu sherbet]
  • When an ice apple is rubbed on the affected surface, it provides instant relief and cures faster. High water content ice apple makes the stomach full, reducing food consumption, leading to weight loss.
  • The fruit is rich in antioxidants, liver cleansing properties, vitamins (as B, C ), and minerals ( iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, thiamine, and riboflavin),  which make it difficult to say NO when given a chance to consume.[Nungu sherbet]

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